DIY Pom Pom Angel for Christmas Tree

That’s how I came up with the idea for making adorable pom pom angel tree ornaments! I was actually so happy with the finished product that I decided to make another one just so I could outlined the process.

By Jon Doe

Check out these full step by step instructions complete with pictures!

Materials Needed Wooden beads (one small and one big) Silver paint A paintbrush Pink yarn Markers (black, red, and pink) Scissors

Let's make DIY Pom Pom Angel for Christmas

Step 1

gather your materials!: Get everything you need to do this craft so you’re prepared.

Step 2

paint the head: Around the top of your larger wooden bead, paint a silver semi-circular shape with waving edges at the front like bangs and a rounded edge lower at the back. This will be your angel’s hair. This will be your angel’s head and hair.

Step 3

paint the bun: Paint the entire smaller wooden bead silver as well and set it aside to dry. This will be your angel’s bun.

Step 4

start making the pom pom: Use your pink yarn to make a large pom pom. Start by cutting a piece of about six inches fro, the yarn and fold it in half so you have a loop at one end and two loose ends met up at the other. 

Step 5

Hold it about halfway along its folded length between your middle and ring fingers, with your loose ends on the inside of your hand where your palm is and the loop at the back of your hand. Take the end of the ball of yarn and hold it against the inside of your four fingers with your thumb.

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