DIY String Art Photo Holder – A Thoughtful Gift for Valentine’s Day

We know that while a bought gift is always enjoyed, something you make with your own hands, in which you put your heart and soul, is always going to be appreciated more.

By Jon Doe

We’re going to mix in the beautiful with the useful in this lovely photo holder, and we’re going to help you make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Supplies Thick jewelry wire Nails Lace ribbon Pink thread Paper heart Wood block Wood stain Scissors Paintbrush Hammer

Let's make DIY String Art Photo Holder

Step 1

Stain the wood: Let’s start things off by staining the wood. Get the wood stain (or glaze) you chose, dip in the paintbrush and start adding in the color.

Step 2

Cut out the heart: For our next step, you want to get the heart drawing and cut it out with your scissors.

Step 3

Hammer it in: Now that you have your heart square, it’s time you place it over the block of wood. Get your nails and the hammer and start creating your design.

Step 4

Break the heart: Now that all the nails have found their spot, it’s time you started ripping out the paper. You will obviously encounter some difficult areas, but you’ll manage to get it all out if you go slowly.

Step 5

Start stringing the thread: You’ll want to start with the top middle nail. Loop some thread around that nail and tie a double knot.

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