DIY Paper Candle on a Star

If you’re looking for fun and easy crafts to do with kids then this DIY paper candle on a star idea is perfect!

By Jon Doe

The stars were just a fun detail because my kids love working with glitter paper, but they also made the project a big hit, so I figured I’d might as well share.

Supplies Silver glitter foam paper Paper (orange, yellow, cream, white) Scissors A glue stick

Let's make DIY Paper Candle on a Star

Step 1

Check your list: Gather your materials!

Step 2

Draw the star: Turn your glitter paper over to the plain side and draw the shape of a star. You can use a ruler if you want a very even shape and you’re feeling neat.

Step 3

Make the yellow flame: Cut a rectangle from one corner of your yellow paper that’s about one inch by two inches in size. Then cut it in half. Carefully round off the corners and edge of the first new square just barely, making yourself a circle but keeping it as large as you can.

Step 4

Make the white flame: Using the same rectangle cutting and corner rounding technique, cut another circle from your cream coloured paper, this time sizing it somewhere between the two you cut from your yellow paper so it’s like a size medium in your scale of circles.

Step 5

Make the center of the flame: Cut an inch by inch sized square from the corner of your orange paper and then round the corners and edges off, starting wide and tapering the shape, until you have an orange teardrop shaped piece.

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