DIY Paper Angel Kids Craft for Christmas

My kids have always loved simple paper crafts. Cutting and pasting is something they’re able to do quite without help, so it makes them feel independent.

By Jon Doe

Even so, I usually end up crafting right alongside them simply because these projects are fun to do.

Materials Needed Paper  Markers Gold pipe cleaner Scissors A glue stick White and gold yarn

Let's make DIY Paper Angel Kids Craft for Christmas

Step 1

Cut a small one inch by one inch square from the corner of your light pink paper and round its corners and edges off with your scissors until you have a circle. This will be your angel’s head.

Step 2

Cut a two inch piece from the end of your string and tie it into a bow!

Step 3

Turn your piece of paper portrait and cut it in half up the middle of its full height. Take one half and fold that in half end to end lengthwise, so it’s just as wide as before but half as long.

Step 4

Turn your red piece of paper landscape and cut it in half vertically. Round off the corners of one half piece so you have a sort of elongated, slightly rounded rectangle shape.

Step 5

Apply glue to the back of your light pink circle and glue it to the tip of the tapered point, overlapping with your diagonally folded pieces.

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