No-bake Granola Bars With Peanut Butter and Cranberry

Delicious no-bake granola bars. Perfect for a speedy breakfast or a lunchbox treat!

By Jon Doe

These nutty, delicious granola bars are so simple to make!

Ingredients Whole rolled oats Chopped mixed nuts Chocolate chips Dried cranberries Creamy peanut butter Honey

Let's make No-bake Granola Bars

Step 1

Place the oats and nuts in large bowl. Add in the all but 1 tbsp of the dried cranberries and all but 1 tbsp of the chocolate chips and mix together. 

Step 2

Add the peanut butter and honey, and stir until well combined.

Step 3

Spoon the mixture into an 8×8 inch square baking tin that has been lined with parchment paper. Flatten the mixture with the spoon, then place a piece of parchment paper on top.

Step 4

Use another same-sized tray, or something heavy to squash the mixture into the tin as much as you can. The more compacted it is, the less likely the granola bar will fall apart later.

Step 5

Remove the parchment paper that’s on top of the mixture and sprinkle on the reserved cranberries and chocolate chips. Push them in with your fingers.

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