Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments – DIY Leaf Foil

Give your holiday decor some extra sparkle this year, with these beautiful gold leaf glass ornaments.

By Jon Doe

They are the perfect addition to a contemporary Christmas tree, and they even look pretty in a decorative bowl on the coffee table.

Materials Needed Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit Clear glass ornament Assorted paintbrushes and foam brushes Acrylic craft paint Plastic cup

Let's make Gold Christmas Tree Ornaments

Step 1

Begin by mixing your paint in a plastic cup. You may need to combine a few different colors to get the perfect shade. Add a few drops of water to the mixture to thin it out a bit.

Step 2

Remove the metal cap on the ornament and carefully pour the paint into the glass ornament. Go very slowly so you don’t accidentally spill on the outside of the ornament.

Step 3

Place your finger over the opening and move the ornament around until paint covers the entire interior of the ornament. The small air bubbles will work themselves out as the paint dries.

Step 4

Next, use a brush to apply the “adhesive size” to the metal ornament cap as shown above. Set it aside to dry until the adhesive feels tacky.

Step 5

Apply the adhesive to the top of the glass ornament as well. As you work your way down toward the bottom of the ornament, use less and less adhesive. Now put this aside to dry until it is tacky as well.

Step 6

Gently place a piece of gold leaf across the surface of the metal cap. Continue covering it with leaf until the entire outside is covered. Ignore the excess gold leaf for now.

Step 7

Repeat the process for the ornament itself, covering the areas with adhesive with gold leaf.

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