How to Make an Easy Paper Craft Tree

If you’ve never tried paper quilling before then I’m very sorry indeed to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something fantastic, creative, and a whole lot of fun!

By Jon Doe

It’s easy to do and makes beautiful decor or gifts. Check out how we made this one and try it yourself!

Supplies Scissors Glue stick Pencil Brown marker Orange cardstock Coloured paper

Let's make Easy Paper Craft Tree

Step 1

Measure and cut: On the right side, along the bottom edge, make a mark 1cm away from the bottom right corner. Then make a mark 1cm away from the top left corner, along the top edge. Use your scissors to cut along the line you just drew to get your first strip.

Step 2

Make your leaves: Make your paper quilled leaves! Start with your basic quilling technique. Pick up your first strip, curl one of its ends over onto itself further down the strip, and start rolling it so the rest of the strip warps around your original curl and is gathered into a tight spiral as you roll.

Step 3

Rinse and repeat: Now you’ll repeat the rolling process you did above almost identically, but with a slightly different finishing step. You’ll still leave a little bit of excess after rolling and glue it down loosely to let some unrolling and spiraling happen, but this time you’ll leave your shape rounded instead of pinching it.

Step 4

Draw the tree: Use your pencil to sketch out the shape of your tree on the cardstock you choose as your background. Draw a trunk and branches with twigs. It doesn’t have to be detailed; you’re going to add the details later using your quilled paper shapes.

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