DIY Stone Decorated Tin Can Holder

If we had to choose one kind of craft to list as our favourite, we’d be hard pressed to choose between upcycling crafts and crafts that have some kind of organizational purpose to them.

By Jon Doe

That’s why we get so excited when we can think up an opportunity to merge the two together in one project! Recently we came across a bag of tiny fish tank stones.

Supplies A tin can Small stones White paper Hot glue Gold paint A paintbrush Scissors

Let's make DIY Stone Decorated Tin Can Holder

Step 1

Wrap the tin: Turn your piece of white paper to sit portrait on your tabletop and lay your tin can on it in the bottom right corner, turned sideways, so the bottom edge sits against the righthand edge of the page.

Step 2

Glue the rocks on: Apply a patch of hot glue near the bottom of the can, by the edge, and start carefully placing rocks into the glue, sticking them down however they’ll settle best.

Step 3

Add some flare: Use your paintbrush to add colour and detail to your organizer!

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