DIY Simple Paper Lantern Art

Lately, I’ve had a bit of a preoccupation with vellum paper going on, so I’ve been plotting a craft that’s kid friendly and will really put the vellum to good use.

By Jon Doe

That’s how I came up with the idea of helping my kids make artistic and slightly spooky or gothic looking paper lanterns!

Supplies A white pencil Curved nail scissors Black paper A glue stick White vellum Small scissors (like nail scissors, for detail)

Let's make DIY Simple Paper Lantern Art

Step 1

Shape the lantern: Map out the shape of your lantern. First, turn your black paper vertically or portrait and fold the bottom edge inward about half an inch, creasing it all the way across.

Step 2

Trace: Use your white pencil to draw the cutout shapes that you want each side of your lantern to have in the space below the horizontal crease line. Start by drawing an arched semi circle, rounded side up, just under the line and draw the rest of your details below that.

Step 3

Cut: Cut out the central spaces in each of your four sections! Be careful that you don’t cut off any shapes or details that are supposed to be silhouette or shadow. This is where the small point of nail scissors will come in handy.

Step 4

Add the vellum paper: Measure your vellum paper to your black frame, lining up one side edge and its bottom edge with the corresponding edges on the black piece.

Step 5

Glue the sides: With the black side of the lantern facing you, re-crease the lines of your sections and your little closing tab that you made earlier so that the vellum creases too and your standing rectangular lantern sits right.

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