DIY Floral Wall Hanging

Have you ever thought about the number of things you can do with a silly piece of string? Sure, we get frustrated when an errant string from clothes gets in the way on a daily basis.

Take a look at a little floral wall hanging you can create simply by employing a few strings.

Supplies Artificial flowers Rope Branch Scissors Decor bead Glue gun Silk ribbon

Let's make DIY Floral Wall Hanging

Step 1

The First Cut: When you start this project, you’ll want to decide how long you want the string to be. This, in turn, might depend on the length of your branch.

Step 2

Prepare the Branch: Take the 4 pieces of string you cut and double them. Lay them down with the loop end of each string at the top. Place the branch near the top of those loops, with an inch or so of room.

Step 3

Tying the Knot: Looking at your strings from left to right, you have 8. Think of them as numbers 1 through 8. Right now, we’re only going to work with the first 4.

Step 4

Intermarriage: Okay, now, we’re going to renumber our strings. Look at the way they are now, and label them 1 through 8. Ignoring Strings 1, 2, 7, and 8, you are going to repeat Step 3, using Strings 3 through 6.

Step 5

Back to the Basics: You should now have 3 knots. Reset your ‘string count’ and repeat the knot work for strings 1 through 4 and for strings 5 through 8.

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