DIY Fish Scale Wall Decor

However, even under the busiest conditions or with the fullest schedule, you might find you’re actually in need of working on some art.

By Jon Doe

If that’s the case, maybe taking on a simpler project with just a few materials required could satisfy your urge, as well as help you de-stress.

Supplies Canvas Gold acrylic paint Paint brush Shades of blue paper Scissors Pencil Glue stick Ruler

Let's make DIY Fish Scale Wall Decor

Step 1

Paint the edges: First, get your canvas, paintbrush, and gold acrylic paint. That’s right, the hardest part is out of the way first, so you can move forward quickly! Turn the canvas on its edge, and use the gold acrylic paint to coat the edge.

Step 2

Cutting time: Congratulations, there will be no more painting, and you can, for now, set your canvas aside. Now, it’s time to start making your scales. Start by grabbing your 4 sheets of various shades of blue paper so you have them close at hand.

Step 3

Preparing the first scales: Choose the color of circles you want to be on the outside edge of the piece of art. A lot of people go for the lightest color, but it’s your art and your choice.

Step 4

Mounting the scales: Obviously, the point here is to create an entire piece of wall art that uses a small set of supplies to create a themed picture for display. So, the way to get started is with these half circles.

Step 5

Adding the next row: Using your next choice of blues, get your pile of circles. Begin lining them up across the canvas, overlapping the half circle scales heavily so that they cover the spaces between the first set of scales.

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