DIY Clothespin Angel Ornament for Christmas Tree

My latest endeavour was to transform a regular clothespin into an adorable little angel to hand on my Christmas tree!

By Jon Doe

Here are full instructions and photos of the steps I took to make it happen.

Materials Needed A spun cotton ball Paint (black and pink) A paintbrush Markers (black and red) A hot glue gun A dotting tool A small lace paper doily A white ribbon Pipe cleaners (white and sparkly or silver) Scissors A clothespin

Let's make DIY Clothespin Angel Ornament for Christmas Tree

Step 1

Gather your materials!: I like to make sure I have everything I need before I start.

Step 2

Paint the shoes: Paint a small section at the ends of your clothespin handles, where you’d pinch to open it, black. These will be your angel’s little feet in small black shoes.

Step 3

Paint the head: Poke your white spun cotton ball onto the end of your dotting tool and paint the top of  it black, like hair. I made a waving shape at the front like the angel has cute little bangs.

Step 4

Add the face: Still holding your dotting tool, use your felt tip pens to draw your angel’s face. I used black for the eyes and little lashes, red for the smile, and then I dipped the end of my dotting tool in light pink paint to make little cheeks. Set your head aside to let the paint dry.

Step 5

Make the arms: Cut a two inch piece from your white pipe cleaner and set the rest side for later. Round the ends of this piece inwards like little curls to make your angel’s hands and curve the piece like arms

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