DIY Christmas Decoration: Adorable Reindeer Mason Jar

The big Christmas season is closing in and we’re into crafting all things nowadays. One of the cutest crafts we could come up with is an adorable reindeer mason jar.

By Jon Doe

It’s going to look super festive and fit in with the rest of your Christmas decorations!

Materials Needed Mason jar Brown felt Red pompom Googly eyes Paper Scissors Pencil Glue gun Silk ribbon

Let's make Adorable Reindeer Mason Jar

Step 1

Cut the Antlers: You’re going to have to start by cutting out an outline for a couple of antlers for this beautiful reindeer. First, so you have an easier time drawing it. So, grab your pencil and a piece of paper and draw a shape like the one below. Then go ahead and get the scissors and cut out the antlers. 

Step 2

Draw on Felt: With your paper antler and a pencil, draw the outline on the brown felt. Make sure you closely follow the shape and that you draw two of these. Get the scissors and start cutting out the shapes.

Step 3

Wrap the Jar: Get the rest of the felt and place it over your jar. Place the top of the felt next to the top line. You’ll want to make a little cut next to the bottom line of the jar. Then, lift the felt and cut a straight line through to the end.

Step 4

Fit the Felt: Now that you have the right-size felt, you can wrap it around the material around the jar. Get the scissors and cut the felt when the material overlaps. Next, get the glue gun and place a line of hot glue on the jar.

Step 5

Draw a Reindeer Face: Now that we have the brown felt laid in, we can continue decorating the jar. First, grab the glue gun and the googly eyes. Pick a spot and glue the eyes on the felt. 

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