DIY Christmas Bow Ornament

I’ve been trying to come up with all kinds of different simple, fun projects that they can make with ease. That’s where these adorable paper Christmas bow ornaments that look like Santa’s suit came from!

By Jon Doe

If you’re interested in learning more about how we made these little bows together, check out these photos and full instructions.

Materials Needed A red ribbon Felt (red and black) Silver foam paper Scissors Hot glue

Let's make DIY Christmas Bow Ornament

Step 1

Cut square: Cut a small square, about half an inch by half an inch, from the corner of your sparkly silver foam paper.

Step 2

Cut a black strip: From your black page, cut a skinny strip that’s the full length of the page’s side, followed by a black square that’s slightly smaller than the silver one you just made.

Step 3

Cut wider strips of red: Cut a two inch wide strip the full length of your red page and then fold it in half length-wise. 

Step 4

Make the ends: Cut another strip from your red paper about the same width as before but this time half the length. Fold this piece in half lengthwise and, at the free ends, cut a triangular shape out of the edge’s center but angling your scissors diagonally inward from the corners.

Step 5

Start assembling: Attach your tail pieces together first. Put the two pieces next to each other with their bottom points where you cut the triangle out facing downward and their straight top edge where you cut the crease facing upward.

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