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DIY Ideas for Apartment Living Rooms

We’ve done a lot of living in small spaces in our time and right now we live in the most adorable apartment, so we’re still working on space efficient decor and furnishing to really complete the space since we moved in. Of course, there are always things we can buy in stores, but we usually feel more satisfied when we make them ourselves! That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for awesome DIY projects that would suit an apartment living room.

Are you feeling rather intrigued by the concept of making furnishings and decor for your own apartment’s living room as well? Check out this list of 15 amazing ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration!

1. Upcycled crate coffee table

Upcycled crate coffee table

Do you have the perfect amount of space for a small coffee table, but you think a square one would fit better than the usual rectangular or circular ones you usually see in stores? Well, if you’re a big fan of rustic chic looks and upcycling, then we’d suggest getting your hands on some old wooden crates and taking a look at how Home Evolution made this awesome piece from four stained wooden crates flipped on their side (which also gives you several built-in cubby shelves)!

2. DIY art gallery wall

Diy art gallery wall

Perhaps you’re only just starting out in your own home and you don’t have a huge art collection yet, but you’re a huge fan of wall art and you’re looking for a way to cover your walls creatively without spending a mint? Then we think you might get a real kick out of the way Made In a Day made a whole series of simple DIY art pieces and arranged them all over the wall like a collage!

3. Pretty pastel fish scale throw pillow

Pretty pastel fish scale throw pillow

Perhaps your best DIY skills have actually always been those involving fabric because sewing is something you really love, so you’d much rather do that kind of craft? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Motte made this adorable scalloped throw pillow case that looks just like fish scales! We think it would look gorgeous in whatever colour scheme you need to match your room.

4. Faux distressed wall pallet frames

Faux distressed wall pallet frames

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making things you can hang on your walls but you’d rather put up your photos and family memories rather then just DIY art? In that case, case think you might get along a little better with this tutorial from Wife in Progress, especially if you like the look of reclaimed wood! See how they made these lovely photo plaques out of reclaimed pallets.

5. DIY photo lampshade

Diy photo lampshade

Maybe we’ve really piqued your interest with this talk of making something that puts some of your favourite photos on display but your walls area already full enough and you’re looking for something a little more unconventional? Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this DIY photo printed lamp shade project outlined step by step on Mommy Moment.

6. Full length farmhouse inspired floor mirror

Full length farmhouse inspired floor mirror

If you’ve got a little bit of floor and wall space, but not too much, and you’re trying to find a few more ways to establish a farmhouse chic theme in the room, then we think you might get along a little better with something like this full length, stylishly weathered mirror tutorial outlined step by step on Country Design Style!

7. Persian inspired hand painted votives and vases

Persian inspired hand painted votives and vases

Rather than working this fabric, have your very best DIY skills actually always been those that involve hand painting, especially if you get to do it on unconventional surfaces? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Creme de la Craft made these stunning Persian inspired hand painted votives and vases in all kinds of colours, with stunning gold detail.

8. DIY faux fireplace

Diy faux fireplace

Have you actually got a whole blank wall and you’re feeling up for a challenge, but you live in apartment that won’t let you have a real fire feature, even though you’re allowed to make quite permanent changes to the space? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this fantastic and very real looking DIY faux fireplace from Blesser House a try!

9. Stacked crate bookshelf

Stacked crate bookshelf

Just in case we really caught your attention with the idea of making something from reclaimed and stacked wooden crates but you don’t need a coffee table and you’d do much better making yourself some shelf storage? Then here’s an awesome alternative for your consideration! Check out how simply Tara Michelle Interiors put together this stacked crate bookshelf that really adds a sense of reclamation to any room.

10. Pallet wood monogram

Pallet wood monogram

Maybe the idea we’ve shown you that you liked the best so far was absolutely the one involving using wood that you reclaimed from an old pallet to make something much more decorative, but you just don’t need any more photos hanging on your walls? Well, if you’ve ever been a fan of monogram art, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a better look at the tutorial on Dream Design DIY to see how this pallet decor letter was made!

11. Shabby chic drop cloth pom pom pillow

Shabby chic drop cloth pom pom pillow

Were you a pretty big fan of the idea of making a simple throw pillow because you really are limited for space but your couch is your favourite spot to relax? Well, just in case you’re looking for options that are a little less complicated than the fish scales we showed you earlier, here’s an idea that’s perfect for yarn loves! Check out how Thistlewood Farms made this adorable cushion that features super fun yarn pom poms all the way around its edges.

12. Glossy retro upcycled pastel ceramics

Glossy retro upcycled pastel ceramics

If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make some kind of space efficient, small homemade decor, would you rather create something that will give you a cool colour pop? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like these fantastic brightly pastel enamel painted vases! Get the full details for making some of your own on Sugar and Charm.

13. Over-the-arm coffee service table

Over the arm coffee service table

Are you actually currently living in a space that’s so small you don’t even have room for a side table, but you’re also a big fan of curling up with a warm of coffee or tea on the couch for a while in the morning? Then we think you’ll really appreciate the way Sinnen Rausch outlines the simple process of making this awesome over-the-arm couch table that’s perfectly sized for your mug but won’t take up much more space than that, since you don’t have much to spare.

14. Rustic studded leather accent letter

Rustic studded leather accent letter

Did we actually really catch your attention with the idea of making some kind of lettering art or monogram piece but the wooden pallet idea we showed you earlier just doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at the way eHow made something similar using leather instead! Their tutorial even shows you how to stud it for impressive detail.

15. Fairy garden with cacti succulents

Fairy garden with cacti succulents

Are you the kind of green thumbed plant lover who wishes to have a sprawling garden someday but, for now, you have to be content with small potted indoor pieces that you can scatter around your apartment? Well, if you like the current succulent trend just as much as nearly everyone else does right now, then we think you’ll really enjoy the way Historias de Casa created a beautiful little miniature “fairy garden” in a copper bowl featuring all kinds of little cacti, succulents, and air plants.

Have you made other fantastic and functional DIY things and decor for your small apartment’s living room before that you were very happy with but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

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