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Ways to Upcycle Old Phones

We’re not entirely sure what it is, but there’s something about spring that always puts us in the upcycling mood. Perhaps it’s because we do a pretty intense spring cleaning session every year, so we’re suddenly confronted with just how many things we have in our house to properly dispose of or somehow reuse. This year, we’ve found ourselves with a surprisingly large number of old phones to work with! That’s how we started looking for unique and interesting ways to upcycle old phones into something new and practical.

1. Intercom system from old corded phones

Intercome system from old corded phones

Rather than finding piles of older generation cell phones in your drawers like most people do, did you actually come across a set of old home phones with cords? Well, so long as you have at least two of them, then you have almost everything you need to build this completely awesome home intercom system outlined step by step on Instructables! Now you won’t have to yell across the entire house when dinner is ready to get everyone in your family to come to the table.

2. Working wooden DIY cell phone

Working wooden diy cell phone

Now, we know that we said this list would concentrate on ways to upcycle old phones that already exist, but when we saw this fantastic tutorial from Wonder How To that shows the steps for making your very own wooden cell phone that actually works, we just couldn’t help including it anyways! To be fair, it does involve using parts of old phones as well, so we’d say it still counts.

3. DIY lamp from a rotary phone

Diy lamp from a rotary phone

Perhaps you’ve actually somehow inherited one of those fantastic old rotary phones and, rather than getting rid of it in any manner, you’d much rather turn it into something that adds a bit of vintage character to your space? In that case, you just might be the perfect person to give this amazing vintage phone desk lamp tutorial from Smart Beast a try.

4. DIY smartphone microscope

Diy smartphone microscope

Are you the kind of person who can always be found tinkering with things, particularly electronics, and now you’re looking for something that’s a little more of a challenge? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a more detailed look at the way Mates Lab outlines their steps and process for turning an old cellphone into an actual working microscope!

5. Old phone batteries into power banks

Old phone batteries into power banksa