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15 Inspiring DIY Ways to Upcycle and Reuse Globes

When it comes to repurposing things around our house and creating unique upcycling projects, we’re intent on the fact that anything can be transformed into something new. Whether that new thing is practical or purely decorative, we’re always left with a huge feeling of satisfaction that we’ve given something a new lease on life. That’s why, when we found an old globe in the garage while we were cleaning it our last week, we took it as a crafting opportunity rather than just throwing it out or donating it! It took us quite a while to decide what we actually wanted to do with it, though, because we were plain and simply not prepared for just how many awesome possibilities there are out there when it comes to globe upcycling ideas!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of repurposing an awesome standing globe as we were, if not more, here are some of the very coolest designs and tutorials we found in our search that we ad a lot of trouble passing up.

1. Half globe pendant light

Half glove pendant light

Are you the kind of avid traveler who makes their wanderlust known, so all your friends and family are aware of your love for globe trotting and love hearing about your adventures? Then we think it only makes sense to incorporate some kind of map or globe theme right into your main decor scheme! That’s why we think making something like this half globe pendant light shade featured on Oregon Live is such a good idea. Perhaps you can even use the other half to make a matching light across the room or in another spot in the house!

2. Pretty spring globe

Pretty spring globe

Are you actually quite a big fan of the idea of having a globe in your home that still looks like a globe but you think you’d prefer to make it a little more impressive, natural looking, and embellished to suit your home decor a little better than the classic colours and mapping? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how Sister’s Suitcase used faux moss and flowers to give their own standing globe a serene, meadow inspired aesthetic.

3. Wood mounted globe wall art

Wood mounted globe wall art

Are you actually quite interested in including a globe in your decor scheme but your place is small and you simply don’t have enough surfaces to put a regular standing globe anywhere? Then we think perhaps you might get along a little bette with this awesome halved and mounted globe art outlined step by step on Blitsy! They show you how to build a sort of frame using repurposed pallet wood, as well as how to use collage lettering, decoupage techniques, and game pieces to add an inspirational quote in order to finish the whole project off.

4. Layered, patterned cut out circles globe

Layered, patterned cut out circles globe

Have you actually always liked the simple shapes of the standard, traditional style globe whether you’re really a fan of the mapping across the surface or not, so you’re wondering whether there might be a way to turn yours into spherical art rather than just a map of the world? Then we have a feeling you might be the perfect person to give this awesome layered circles project featured on Hydrangea Hippo a try. They used coloured and patterned scrapbooking paper or card stock.