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14 Ways to Prepare Pulled Pork

Spring has finally sprung and that means it’s time once more for barbecues, grilled food, and great summertime sandwiches on the patio! While pulled pork might not be exclusively considered a spring and summer food, it’s certainly one of our favourites to eat outside with our family on a warm evening, no matter how it’s prepared. We’re used to having it on a sandwich, “sloppy joe” style, but we’re also always looking for ways to put unique twists on our favourite dishes!

Check out these 14 absolutely delicious pulled pork recipes and ideas that will basically make your mouth water just reading about them!

1. Pulled pork lettuce wraps with kimchi

Pulled pork lettuce wraps with kimchi

Do you love the idea of succulent pulled pork at dinner time but you’ve actually been trying to cut cards recently, so enjoying them on a sandwich or with a side of potatoes is out of the question right now? Then try them as part of a lettuce wrap instead! Food to Love shows you how to make sure your lettuce wrap has lots of flavour by adding some perfectly spiced kim chi to the mix on top of your pork.

2. Pulled pork burgers

Pulled pork burgers

Maybe you come from a huge burger-loving family who just can’t resist a good patty with juicy tomatoes and some crisp lettuce, but you’re determined to introduce them to other things that make great patio dinners too? Well, here’s a different kind of burger that’s a little bit of a variation, at least where the meat is concerned! Fuss Free Flavours guides you through the process of making a simple but completely delicious pulled pork burger that will satisfy everyone.


3. Pulled pork tacos

Pulled pork tacos

We’ll make one thing really clear right off the bat: we love tacos. We will eat tacos of just about any kind we can get our hands one and we’re happy no matter what kind we’re offered. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled upon this delicious pulled pork taco idea from My Gourmet Connection!

4. Pulled pork Shepard’s pie

Pulled pork shepherds pie

We love Shepard’s pie. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve tried all different kinds! You name it, we’ve probably had it for dinner. Ground beef, steak, ground turkey, tofurkey… we’ve made it all. At least, we thought we’d made it all until we came across this pulled pork Shepard’s pie recipe from The Black Pepper! We can hardly keep ourselves sitting here finishing this list because we want to try this one right for dinner tonight the second we’re done writing.

5. Beer braised pulled pork

Beer braised pulled pork

Perhaps you’re already pretty experience at making pulled pork and you like to make it for all different kinds of dishes, but now you’re looking for different ways to season or marinade it? Well, if you’re a beer lover then we think we’ve found the recipe for you! Life Tastes Good shows you the steps to take for a fragrant, mouth watering beer braised pulled pork. Use your favourite brew!

6. Root beer pulled pork

Easy gluten free root beer pulled pork bbq

Maybe beer isn’t quite your idea of the perfect dinner marinade for you and the kids and you’d rather try something a little more novelty that actually might get them a little more interested in their meal for once? Then check out Suzy’s Sitcom‘s awesome suggestion for using root beet instead! We’d sure never thought of making meat with pop before, but we actually did try this recipe at home and it went over phenomenally at our table.

7. Honey soy pulled pork

Honey pulled pork recipe

Are your favourite meals usually inspired by the tastes you find in Asian cuisine and now you’re looking for ways to mimic those flavours elsewhere too? Then this honey soy recipe, which is common for things like chicken when you go out for Chinese food, might be just what you’re craving! Get the full details for how to make it on Sweet C’s Designs.

8. Pulled pork noodle soup

Pork noodle soup, thai style

If you’ve never had pho soup then stop everything you’re doing and check this next recipe out. It might not be a traditional pho recipe, but it’s made to taste pretty close to the classic dish and it’s such a delicious spin on things that we’re pretty sure just about anyone will forgive you for trying this one first. Instead of barbecue beef or other types of meat, this dish from Cheat Sheet is made with pulled pork and we’re very glad for it.

9. Jack Daniels pulled pork

Jack daniels pulled pork

Were you intrigued by the concept of the beer braised pork but you’re actually more a liquor person than a beer drinker? Well, don’t worry because there are lots of alternatives for you! One of our favourites is this pulled pork from The Slow Roasted Italian that’s prepared with Jack Daniels because the final flavour is rich and full of kick.

10. Pulled pork pizza

Pulled pork pizza

Yes, you really did read that right: pulled pork pizza. It’s a wonderful mashup of two absolutely delicious things! We’d never heard of it before and we haven’t tried it yet, but we know it’ll be the number one dinner in demand on our list the second our kids catch wind of it. Besides, there’s no way it’s not delicious. Get the full ingredients and instructions on Monarch Way!

11. Pulled pork egg rolls

Crock pot pulled pork rolls

By now, you’ve probably guessed that we think pulled pork goes well in just about any dish and we’d have to say that you’re pretty much correct! In fact, we even love it in spring rolls. While we’ve only had pulled pork spring rolls in a restaurant before, we’re incredibly pleased to find this delicious looking recipe from All Free Slow Cooker Recipes because now we can make our very own version at home!

12. Coconut and green curry pulled pork

Coconut and green curry pulled pork

Do your tastes when it comes to sauces, spices, and flavours tend to migrate towards the Thai food arena? Well, we certainly don’t blame you. Thai food is absolutely delicious! Get that same fragrant taste and combine it with your love for pulled pork by making this delicious coconut and green curry recipe by The Ktchn. We love the idea of adding even more flavour by garnishing the plate with limes!

13. Dr. Pepper pulled pork

Dr pepper pulled pork

Were you rather intrigued by the idea of creating a sauce or marinade for your pulled pork using pop but root beer has never really been your favourite? Then here’s an equally interesting alternative soda recipe for you instead! Cincy Shopper suggests making your pulled pork using Dr. Pepper for a little extra flavour before you put it on a sandwich.

14. Pulled pork mac and cheese

Pulled pork mac and cheese

If this isn’t the recipe to end all recipes when it comes to rich, savory comfort food, then we’re honestly not sure what is. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: pulled pork mac and cheese. How did we get so lucky to find two such amazing foods together in one place? We have Nutmeg Nanny to thank for this one!

Do you know someone who loves pulled pork just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them to help them get creative with their favourite dish!

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