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14 Ways to Prepare Pulled Pork

Spring has finally sprung and that means it’s time once more for barbecues, grilled food, and great summertime sandwiches on the patio! While pulled pork might not be exclusively considered a spring and summer food, it’s certainly one of our favourites to eat outside with our family on a warm evening, no matter how it’s prepared. We’re used to having it on a sandwich, “sloppy joe” style, but we’re also always looking for ways to put unique twists on our favourite dishes!

Check out these 14 absolutely delicious pulled pork recipes and ideas that will basically make your mouth water just reading about them!

1. Pulled pork lettuce wraps with kimchi

Pulled pork lettuce wraps with kimchi

Do you love the idea of succulent pulled pork at dinner time but you’ve actually been trying to cut cards recently, so enjoying them on a sandwich or with a side of potatoes is out of the question right now? Then try them as part of a lettuce wrap instead! Food to Love shows you how to make sure your lettuce wrap has lots of flavour by adding some perfectly spiced kim chi to the mix on top of your pork.

2. Pulled pork burgers

Pulled pork burgers

Maybe you come from a huge burger-loving family who just can’t resist a good patty with juicy tomatoes and some crisp lettuce, but you’re determined to introduce them to other things that make great patio dinners too? Well, here’s a different kind of burger that’s a little bit of a variation, at least where the meat is concerned! Fuss Free Flavours guides you through the process of making a simple but completely delicious pulled pork burger that will satisfy everyone.

3. Pulled pork tacos

Pulled pork tacos

We’ll make one thing really clear right off the bat: we love tacos. We will eat tacos of just about any kind we can get our hands one and we’re happy no matter what kind we’re offered. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled upon this delicious pulled pork taco idea from My Gourmet Connection!

4. Pulled pork Shepard’s pie

Pulled pork shepherds pie

We love Shepard’s pie. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve tried all different kinds! You name it, we’ve probably had it for dinner. Ground beef, steak, ground turkey, tofurkey… we’ve made it all. At least, we thought we’d made it all until we came across this pulled pork Shepard’s pie recipe from The Black Pepper! We can hardly keep ourselves sitting here finishing this list because we want to try this one right for dinner tonight the second we’re done writing.