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These 50 Natural Art Projects Will Bring A New Spark To The House

Decorate your home with things you find right outside your door. From seashells to raw woods, you’d be surprised of all the beauty you can create with organic materials. These 50 natural art projects will bring a new spark to the house and a new craft to the table. Take a peek!

1. Garden Marker Stones

Painted garden marker stones

Repeat Crafter Me took some stones and made the garden more functional and a bit more stylish too. Mark your fruits and veggies with a bit of artistic creativity!

2. Seashell Cake Topper

Diy seashell cake topper

Those seashells that you found on the shore can be used as a cake topper! Learn how to string them up all pretty like at Something Turquoise.

3. Hanging Flower Garland

Diy hanging flower garland

And those flowers from your garden can be used at your next celebration too. We’re swooning over this floral hanging centerpiece from Sweet Paul Mag.

4. Crocheted Rocks

Crocheted ornaments

Purl Soho started with crocheted pieces and styled some river rocks. Decorate the nooks and crannies of the house with these fun, textured beauties.

5. Real Flower Crown

Diy real flower crown