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15 More DIY Ways To Organize Your Closet

There are just never too many projects to peek at when it comes to organization, especially for closet spaces. Our clothes, our accessories, shoes, and even those linen closets or extra bouts of storage need ways to keep neat and tidy. But mostly, we want to de-clutter and keep these areas functional for the family. We have 15 m ore DIY ways to organize your closet, just dive on in below!

1. Accessory Wall

Diy accessory wall hanger

A Beautiful Mess showcased this beautiful accessory wall and we were instantly inspired. There are so many different ways to go about this and they all end in more room to play with in the closet and easier to find hats, necklaces, and more. Use fun hooks, a bare wall in your bedroom or spacious bathroom, or extra space in your walk-in closet.

2. Soda Tabs

Diy soda tab hanger 2

Using soda tabs, the Shabby Creek Cottage created double the space for hanging clothes. It’s such a simple hack and will truly give you more options for hanging your clothing. It’s really great for smaller areas.

3. Acrylic Holders

Diy acrylic holders for closet organization

We love these installations of acryllic holders in Polished Habitat‘s space. Easily display clutches or other accessories with ease and posh style. Just create an accessory “station” inside your closet and devote it to all things “extra.”

4. Door Hooks

Diy closet door bag storage 2

With door hooks, you can hang up your bags as you see here at How To Nest For Less. This will give way to a lot more space in the nooks, crannies, and shelves of your home. It’ll also make yourdesigner bags less susceptible to getting damages in the clutter.

5. Shower Rings

Diy closet organizer 2

Hip 2 Save knows how to organize and how to save … clearly. Just look at this awesome organizational hack?! Scarves, purses, or even your belts will have a brand new way to be displayed and tidiedup.

6. Sunglasses Frame

Diy sunglasses frme

Another way to organize the goods comes with some help from Cupcakes and Cashmere! Grab your sunglasses and string them up in a vintage frame. Not only will this become fun art for your bedroom, but you won’t be losing your sunnies at every turn!

7. Circle-Hangs

Diy circle shaped hanger

Hang up some of the things that take up the most drawer space. Like this circle hanger you see from Dream Design DIY. It’s the perfect way to easily hang up a variety of intimates including camisoles and bralettes.

8. Pack Seasonal Clothing

Pack seasonal clothing

At Family Handyman, you’ll find a lot of great DIYs and hacks in terms of closet organization. Take your winter clothes and pack them away for the summer – and vice versa. Using plastic tubs or vacuum storage bags.

9. Weekly Labels

Diy closet organizer cards for kids closet 2

Go through your closet the week before and pick out your outfits. You’ll be less likely to make a mess every morning decided on school or work clothes. And you can find free printables for them at places like Make Life Lovely.

10. Creative Spots

Creative hanging diy

Get creative with your hanging. Use branches or even copper pipes to hang up some of your best pieces. This gives you more room in the closet and fun ways to decorate your bedroom. Grab additional ideas at Sugar & Charm.

11. Dividers

Diy shelf dividers

With some shelf dividers from Amazon, you won’t have to worry about tumbling stacks. Your jeans and your sweaters will stay in tip-top shape. And this won’t break the bank either. These shelf divers are also great ideas for organizing your kitchen pantry.

12. Heel Rail

High heel rail diy

Install some rods to a bare wall and you’ve got yourself an easy way to organize your heels. Get them off the corners and off the shelves and onto the walls! Check it out at Stylizmo.

13. Higher Rods

Diy clothing rod higher in closet 2

Over at Urban Acreage, you’ll get a peek into an unusual way to layout your closet. Hang your rods higher and give yourself more space below your clothes to organize and tidy up. You could even fit a small chest inside and give your bedroom more square footage to play with as well.

14. Fabric Bins

Diy fabric bins

Lovely Etc. will walk you through the makings of these pretty fabric bins. Not only are they nice to look at but they’ll provide you with a lot of options for organizing and de-cluttering your closet. Use them on their own or in a fun cubby system.

15. Shoe Racks

Diy shoe rack organization

Whatever you decide when it comes to your shoes, make sure you keep them off the floor. Throwing your heels, sneakers, and the likes in the corners are bound to get them scratched, scraped, and lost in the mix. We love this solution from Emily Henderson!

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