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Makeover Your Wardrobe with these Clever New Ways to Dye Clothing

If you’re ready for a wardrobe makeover, fabric dye can be used to give your old clothes an affordable update. This roundup of dyeing techniques demonstrates the wide range of looks you can create, going far beyond the basic tie-dye you remember doing as a teen.

Ice dye tank

Ice Dye Tank

Update a boring old tank with a clever ice dye technique. Ice mixes with powdered dye to make unique watercolor patterns. Brit + Co has the details.

Sharpie tee

Sharpie Tank

Use colorful Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol to make a beautiful watercolor pattern on your summer tank. Learn more at Crown Hill By Day.

Dip dye tee

Dip Dye Tee

A dip dye technique makes it easy to add a sophisticated ombre effect to a plain white t-shirt. Visit the Anthropologie blog for details.

Elmer's glue tee

Elmer’s Glue Tee

A hand drawn design covered in Elmer’s Blue School Glue and covered in fabric dye creates a unique look for a basic tee.  Hox Holly has the tutorial.


Shibori Indigo Dye Tee

Shibori techniques date back to ancient Japan. Learn how to make this indigo dye shirt at Common Thread.

Bleached t shirt

Shibori Bleached Tee

Camouflage stains on a dark t-shirt with a bleaching technique reminiscent of shibori. Freshly Found explains.

Doily tee

Bleached Doily Tee

Use a doily and bleach to create a funky design on an old dark colored t-shirt. Instructables has the details.

Bleach dyed t shirt vertical

Stenciled Bleach Tee

Contact paper stencils and a spray bottle with bleach water make this DIY project easy to complete.  All Parenting has the instructions.

Galaxy dye

Galaxy Dye Tee

Use bleach and spray fabric dye to turn a plain black t-shirt into a space inspired masterpiece.  I Love To Create shows you how.

Sunshine ombre shibori tie dye

Ombre Shibori Tie-Dye Tee

Crafts by Amanda uses a combination of several different dyeing techniques to create her stylish t-shirts. These are the perfect tees to wear all summer long!

Tape t shirts

Tape Tees

Use textile stencil tape and Tulip Color Shot instant fabric dye to create unique geometric patterns on your shirt. I Love to Create explains.

Salt resist

Salt Resist Tee

A variation on the traditional tie-dye, this salt resist tee has a subtle textured design. Fave Crafts has the details.

Tie dye alternative

Pretty Painted Jeans

Spruce up plain white jeans with a stylish dye technique that involves using a foam paint brush and Rit dye. Glam Radar has the details.

Random rainbow jeans

Random Rainbow Jeans

These trendy jeans get their rainbow pattern from Tulip’s Color Shot instant fabric dye. Head over to I Love to Create for the tutorial.

Diy tie dye denim

Bleached Denim

Use bleach and a modification of the basic tie-dye technique to give old jeans a one-of-a-kind makeover. The Glamorous Gleam shows you how.

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