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15 DIY Day Calendars To Keep Yourself On Task

If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself organized and on time … then look no further than our fun compilation below. These 15 DIY day calendars will keep yourself on task and up-to-date without question. Spend some time creating one for your home office, cubicle, or backpack!

1. Paint Chip

Diy paint chip calendar

All Created gives us one of the more popular of DIY designs when it comes to making your own day calendar at home. Grab some free paint chips from a local store and put them together. There are a variety of ways to do this – within a frame or within a binder – just choose a color scheme that inspires you!

2. Acrylic

Easy oversized acrylic calendar diy click through for tutorial 1 3

A Beautiful Mess upgrades our day calendars with this acrylic beauty. These wipe off like a dry erase board but with upgraded, contemporary style. Follow along with the tutorial after the jump.

3. Printable

2019 calendar printable

Short Stop Designs has so many wonderful (and free) designs to download and print. We’re especially googly-eyed for this floral design. Print them all over and combine them to create your own planner or utilize one month as a time to keep yourself organized and on time.

4. Ombre

Diy desk calendar ombre

This ombre-dipped desk calendar from Home Made by Carmona is a real beauty. It works to keep your days on track by also as a decorative piece for your office as well. Dive into the project and learn how to make this one – you may even learn some new skills!

5. Photos

Diy photo calendar

A Beautiful Mess gives us another fantastic day calendar DIY and this time you can utilize your family photos! Personalize your calendar with some help with their template – that’s super easy to follow. The worst part is having to pick our 12 of your favorite photographs.

6. Dry Erase

Diy dry erase calendar

Over at HGTV you’ll find a simple tutorial for creating a dry erase day calendar. All you really need is a framed piece of glass to make it happen. And then you can p[ersonalize the finished product by using colored markers!

7. Perpetual

Diy perpetual desk calendar

Amber Oliver has another perpetual desk calendar for us to take a gander at. We love this finished design especially because of its modern appeal and vibrant colors. This one includes some woodworking so make sure you’re ready to really dive into the project.

8. Watercolor

Diy paint swatch calendar

These watercolor beauties are so easy to make – you don’t have to be a pro artist to make them happen. Just a swatch of paint can turn a card into something with elevated, elegant styles. Check out Homemade Banana for the details behind this sophisticated (yet still functional) calendar design.

9. Washi Tape

Washi tape calendar modish main

And then we have the washi tape creation that sends us into overdrive. Grab your tape and your post it’s and churn out a wonderfully innovative finished look in your craft room or home office. Modish and Main will provide you with the rest of the instructions.

10. Chalkboard

Diy chalkboard calendar pretty handy girl diy chalkboard calendar

Then again, if you already have a chalkboard accent wall in the kitchen or office, you can draw your calendar right on there. Keep things up-to-date and where everyone can see. The Leen Graphics Queen will provide you with enough inspiration for the styling but we love how this one is big enough for the entire family’s schedule to be organized.

11. Post-Its

Diy post it calendar

HGTV also has a purely post-it calendar that you’ll want ot take a look at. You can utilize the foundation month after month and just change out the paper squares when you need new days. It’s an easy way to move around your schedule and write down your to-do lists.

12. Floral

Floral printable calendar

The Tiny Honeycomb has a lot of printable options as well. Just look at this gorgeous floral watercolor creation. Of course, you can always use this as a bout of inspiration and grab your own tools to recreate it right in your own home – and with your personalized spin.

13. Sliding

Diy sliding calendar

We’re really digging this vintage-inspired sliding calendar from Thrifty & Chic. Yes, you can DIY this puppy all on your own without too much trouble. This one is great for spaces with a farmhouse quality or those that want something easily resuable.

14. Motivational

Diy motivational calenar

The Housewive Modern has a printable calendar option that includes motivational quotes for every month. This will certainly help you stay organized and on-track with work and your social life. But even more so, it’ll put some extra pep in your step at the start of every month as well.

15. Squares

Diy chalkboard square calendar

Finally, you’ll be utilizing some chalkboard paint with this one as well. It All Started With Paint will guide you through the process of painting these on the wall and re-using them every month to fit the scene. Just grab yourself some extra chalk (they come in colors too).

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