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12 Vertical Gardens To DIY This Spring

Grow up with a new type of garden this year. Not every plant needs to be secured in the ground. In fact, there are multiple ways and … directions … that your blooms can sprout and thrive. Whether you’re working with the confines of a small backyard or even an apartment balcony, you can still commit to cultivate some of your own greens. Here are 12 vertical gardens to DIY this spring. Let us know which design is your favorite!

1. Small Herbs

Vertical herb garden

With this project from Brit + Co, you’ll start by designing the foundation board and then build your garden from there. This is a wonderful tutorial for novice crafters and gardeners alike. And what’s great is you just don’t need too many materials to get it done.

2. Landscape Fabric

Vertical herb garden in pockets

According to A Beautiful Mess, all you need are some pockets to create a vertical garden. This is perfect for those wanting to grow a bout fresh herbs or other smaller blooms. It really is a great way to gets your hands dirty in the gardening world when you don’t have the space to spare in the yard.

3. Succulent Fixture

Diy succulent vertical garden

What’s amazing about this succulent fixture is the fact that it acts as both artwork and decor as well as a garden in and of itself. It’s such a stunning accompaniment to this space we found over at Jen Woodhouse. If you want to make one too, there’s a detailed tutorial to follow after the jump!

4. Ammunition Cans

Ammunition cans vertical garden

This may not be as obvious at first glance, but those old ammunition cans can be used to create a vertical garden as well. The Horticult gives us all the info on how to bring this project to fruition. If you’re a fan of farmhouse, vintage styling then this may be the innovative idea you’re looking for.

5. Vintage Dresser

Dresser garden

Don’t throw away that older dresser, instead, turn it into its own version of a vertical garden. Just chekc out this awesome, unique design we found at GrizzlyBearModern. The drawers instantly become places to keep, cultivate, and display your greens.

6. Constrained Pallet

Diy small space pallet garden

Now we have the constrained palette from Apartment Therapy that is truly perfect for some of our small apartment owners. It fits nicely on a small patio or deck area and there’s just 4 steps to follow to make it happen. This isn’t for the well-versed gardener, it’s for anyone who wants to try their hands at the chore this spring.

7. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style vertical garden

Twelve on Main shows off their simplistic, farmhouse vertical garden hat we love. You’ll have to DIY the fixtures, which are made with some recycle wood pieces and terracotta pots. Then have some time placing your herbs or succulents into their new home.

8. Wood Trellis

Leather and wood trellis vertical garden

We’re loving the look of this trellis display. It’s functional for growing your garden of succulents, herbs, or smaller blooms, but it also doubles as a piece of art inside the home. Of course, it will also secure nicely on the back porch. Check out all of the details by visiting Vintage Revivals.

9. Stacked Crates

Vertical garden stacked crates

Little Green Dot went with a stack of wooden crates to build their vertical garden. Again, this is a great idea for those who are trying to save space in their own yard. Build up instead of across! You can find these crates at a local flea markets for budget-friendly prices!

10. Mesh Wall

Vertical garden wall

You may not want to stack, instead you may want to secure your smallest blooms inside pots on an easy-to-access wall such as this. We’re loving this contemporary, yet traditional, design from AKA Design. Once built, it will be such an easy feat to care for your plants.

11. Tin Cans

Tin can fence garden

Another classic choice is to go with tin cans. Turning them into planters isn’t a new idea but that’s what makes it one of our favorites. Grab all the details behind securing this fixture to your fences by visiting Ciera Design.

12. Hanging Planters

Diy hanging planter vertical garden

And finally, you can even create an easy, vertical garden by gathering up your hanging planters in such a way. Just look at this gorgeous set-up from Paper + Stitch. It’s easier than you think and you can use what’s already in your house.

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