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Stylish and Useful Ways to Upcycle Neck Ties

I’ve always been a huge fan of any crafting or DIY project that involves upcycling. Whether you’re reusing or repurposing household wares or old clothing, I think it’s wonderful to give things you already own a new lease on life, especially if you’re having crafty fun doing it!

I recently found a few old neck ties lying around my apartment, so I decided to hop online and find some fun ways to reuse them. As usual, I was pleasantly surprised with how many awesomely creative options I found! Here are the 15 I liked best.

1. Stuffed rattlesnake toy

Stuffed rattlesnake toy

DIY Network guides you through the process of turning an old necktie into an adorable little rattlesnake toy. I love how detailed this design is, right down to the tongue and the rattle on the end of the snakes tail. Whether you give it to your kids or your pets to play with, I think it’s a great use of a tie that might have gone to waste otherwise!

2. Silk tie decoupaged mirror

Silk tie decoupaged mirror

Have you ever tried material decoupage before? Well, if you haven’t, here’s a great opportunity to do so! Dishfunctional Designs suggests transforming the frame of an old mirror using the outer silk layer of a tie to give it new style in terms of colour and pattern. I love how they’ve used different ties here to give the mirror lots of visual appeal.

3. Embellished skirt

Embellished skirt

Transcendent Bird shows you how beautiful a collection of loudly coloured and patterned ties can look if you use them to embellish an otherwise plain skirt! Technically, this idea upcycles many different articles of clothing because the skirt gets a whole new look here too.

4. Men’s to boy’s tie

Mens to boys tie

Giving your son hand me downs is great if they’ll fit, but that’s not going to be the case until he’s older. The doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t make a few things work! Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! shows you how to alter a men’s tie in order to make it fit a little boy. He’ll look handsome in your finished product.

5. Neck tie ottoman

Neck tie ottoman

Do you love the idea of altering clothing into completely different projects? I’ve always been a fan of repurposing things completely differently than they were used before. If that sounds like you, check out how Meg Jewell sewed this eclectic collection of ties into an awesomely eye catching ottoman cover!

6. Silk neck tie belt

Silk neck tie belt

No one ever said you have to wear neck ties around your neck and only around your neck, did they? I would wear this extra DIY belt made of neck ties with a high waisted black skirt, just to add a pop of pattern and colour. Rachel Smith shows you how it’s made!

7. Neck tie door wreath

Neck tie door wreath

I probably say this in just about every post, but I really love making door wreaths. I’m pretty sure a I make and hang a new one every few weeks or so. There are some points in the year, however, when a holiday or season themed wreath just doesn’t quite fit, which leaves you room to try out other cute ideas instead! Good House Keeping shows you how to make an awesome wreath from the point ends of neckties in all different fun colours.

8. Dad’s tie quilt

Dad's tie quilt

Are you an avid quilter with some sewing experience under your belt? Then this wonderfully nostalgic idea might be right up your alley! Quilts by Kate guides you through the process of sewing all of your father’s or grandfather’s old neckties into an angled, patterned blanket that will always remind you of how much he means to you when you curl up to sleep underneath it.

9. Neck tie heart pin

Neck tie heart pin

Is a man who means a lot to you clearing out his necktie collection? Snag small pieces of two different ties and trying making yourself one of these cute little necktie hear pins instead of letting them go completely to waste! Crafty Stylish shows you how to make them in a few simple steps.

10. Neck tie area rug and stool

Neck tie area rug and stool

Do you love the idea of upcycling neckties so much that you actually wouldn’t mind having a statement piece in your house dedicated to one of your tie based projects? Then I’d recommend this cute little rug or stool cover! It does take some sewing, but it’s beginner friendly because the steps are quite simple. See the full instructions at Oh My Creative.

11. Neck tie photo album cover

Neck tie photo album cover

Are you a nostalgic photo keeper who loves to make albums and books depicting your family history and the people who mean the most to you? For Father’s Day (or even if you’re just making a book that’s specifically dedicated to your dad), try making a classy neck tie book cover just like this one by BHG.

12. Tie covered beaded necklace

Tie covered beaded necklace

I’ve always been a sucker for a big, chunky bead. When I discovered the idea of wrapping those beads in material, however, I was in crafter bliss! I love the way the material knots between each bead, as well as how the pattern of the tie is preserved even though it’s completely deconstructed. Get all the steps and details over at ArtStar.

13. Neck tie corset belt

Olympus digital camera

Did you like the idea of a necktie belt, but you’d rather something a little more daring in style? A cincher or corset belt like this, complete with ties or ribbons, might be more along the lines of what you’re looking for! You’re upcycling the ties in essentially the same way, but the finished product will alter your figure a little more. See the idea a little better on Craftster.

14. Neck tie purse

Neck tie purse

Besides the fact that the striping pattern gives you total control over how matching or wild the purse looks, I absolutely adore how Sonya Style used the pointed ends of the ties to create a jagged edge on the closing flap that looks totally stylish and creative.

15. Neck tie flowers

Olympus digital camera

Material flowers are a versatile thing to make because once they’re done, you can take them a step further by turning them into so many different things! I’m a huge fan of making material flowers out of neckties because I love the way the patterns on the ties complement the shape of the petals. Try affixing an empty hair clip to the back side and wearing it in your hair! Craftster shows you how it’s done.

Have you made other awesome upcycling projects out of neckties that you just can’t wait to show someone? Take to the comments section and brag a little about your hard work!

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