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50 Typography-Related DIY Projects

Typography is an important element of graphic design, but it transcends the design industry into everyday life when it is used in unique ways to decorate your home or even to create clothing and accessories. Here are fifty fantastic typography-related projects that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Faux Watercolor Calligraphy

4 watercolor calligraphy tutorial

Flex your handwriting skills by giving this faux watercolor calligraphy a try. This tutorial will show you how to outline text the correct way, and then it gives instructions for filling the words in with watercolor paint. Head over to Inkstruck to check out the full photo tutorial.

2. Monogram Pinboard

3 monogram pinboard diy

Personalize your office with a DIY pinboard monogram. It’s made of cork and wrapped with brightly-colored cord, so you can display snapshots and keepsakes. Make your way over to Look What I Made to find out exactly how to create your own customized letter cork board.

3. Typography Art

5 diy art idea wooden letter craft

Make your own typography art reminiscent of vintage printing press blocks using this genius tutorial from Make & Do Crew. The key is to collect a variety of different types of wooden letters, to give the impression of old school printing blocks. Wooden blocks are then cut to size.

4. Free Ampersands

2 free ampersands

If you’re a fan of ampersands, you’ll definitely want to check out this fun list of different fonts with great ampersands that can be printed out and hung as art on your wall (or just used as inspiration!). Head over to The Anastasia Co. to check out all the lovely options.

5. Book Folding Tutorial

1 book folding name

Learn how to fold book pages to form words with this clever, unique tutorial from the See-Saw store. It will show you how to use a printout of your word or name to learn how to fold the pages correctly. You can even use different fonts to create a variety of styles.

6. Typography Easter Eggs

7 typography easter egg

Get ready for Easter with some stunning typographical Easter eggs with gorgeous hand lettering. Dye your eggs different colors for variety, but use the same paint pen color to make them look cohesive. Head over to Simple As That to find out exactly how to create these lovely Easter eggs.

7. Create Your Own Font

6 how to turn your handwriting into font

Believe it or not, you can create your own font with this website… and it’s free! Simply print out the template, create your lettering, and scan it in. The site will do the rest! You can use you own handwriting, or design your own font. Head over here to check it out.

8. Color-Blocked Letter

8 diy block letter

Here’s another great way to personalize your home with a monogram… simply buy a large wooden letter from your local craft store and choose a couple of your favorite paints to color-block the letter. Head over to Shells and Cheese to find out how to make one of these letters yourself.

9. String Art

9 nail string art sign

Make your own string art with this thorough tutorial from Look What I Made. You’ll need a slab of wood, lots of nails and some colorful yarn to create a piece of gorgeous string art for your wall. You could use your name, a word you like, or even your favorite phrase if you’re feeling ambitious.

10. Black Paper Art

10 typography art tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to take advantage of dark paper colors by using metallic paint pens and bright colored pencils. Write out a favorite word in block letters and surround them with pretty botanical details. Head over to Inkstruck to find out all the details.

11. Envelope Template

12 typography envelope template

Sure, this envelope looks complicated to recreate… but the good folks over at The Postman’s Knock has created a thorough tutorial that includes a template for you to use to make your own stunning envelope design. This would be a gorgeous way to address wedding invitations!

12. Typography Gallery Wall

11 gallery wall typography art

Do you have a large empty wall that is just begging for some artwork? This typography gallery wall might be the perfect solution. Choose your favorite letter (or symbol… this would look great with ampersands too) and head over to Polished Habitat to find out how to do it.

13. Colorful Easter Eggs

14 easter eggs diy typography

Here’s another great way to decorate for Easter… these colorful eggs are embellished with fun little Easter-related phrases. They are made with tiny adhesive letters – but if you don’t feel like cutting out tons of small letters, try a paint pen instead. Learn all about the project here.

14. Plant Symbols

15 at symbol succulents air plants

This @ symbol is made with a variety of mosses, succulents and air plants, creating a stunning final piece with some serious wow-factor. The article at Well Groomed isn’t accompanied by a tutorial, but it could be recreated by picking up a cardboard letter or symbol at the craft store and filling it with air plants.

15. Washi Tape Monograms

13 washi tape monograms

If you have a large collection of washi tape, then this might be the project for you. Begin with a pre-made paper mache letter, and finish with a layer of Mod Podge to seal the washi tape. Make your way over to Creative Green Living to find out all the details about this project.

16. Hashtag Bag

16 hashtag bag diy

Channel your inner Kate Spade by making one of these fabulous hashtag bags with a strip of gold paint on the bottom and some fun sans serif text. Make your way over to Crafty Texas Girls to find out exactly how to create this stylish typography-centric tote bag.

17. Wanderlust Map Banner

17 wanderlust map art

If you’re a big traveler, then you might want to give this map banner tutorial a try. You’ll need an old map, some string and some letter cutouts in your favorite font. Make your way over to How Did You Make This to find out how to recreate this fun garland for your home.

18. Wire Letter Charm

18 monogram pendant necklace wire tutorial

Find out how to create your own wire letter charm using this tutorial from Wood of Bell Trees. You could make a larger one to display in your house, or you could make a small one to wear on a chain as a necklace. You could even create an entire word or name out of wire!

19. 3D Paper Letters

20 abc wall letters

These three dimensional letters are made out of colored paper, and would be perfect to spell out a name or a word on your wall. This tutorial from Mr. Printables provides templates that you can print out at home. They would be lovely for a nursery or a kid’s room!

20. Live, Love, Laugh Print

16 gold typography

Learn how to make this fun, colorful “Live, Love, Laugh” print using a pretty script font over at the Macted blog. They will show you how to create different gold finishes using a variety of different techniques including gold foil, paint pens and gold paper.

21. Typography Shorts

22 typography shorts

Add some flair to your outfit with these super fun faded typography jean shorts. They have a distressed look in keeping with current trends, and the letters can even be mixed up to spell words if you like. Head over to  I Love To Create blog to find out how to make them.

22. Giant Wooden Letters

23 diy large wooden letter

If you like to live large, learn how to create one of these giant wooden letters using this great tutorial from Knack and Whimsey. You can choose any font you like, and you could even spell out a whole word using giant letters if you were feeling ambitious.

23. Embroidered Typography

25 typography embroidery

Embroidery floss is another great material to use to create your own custom typographical wall art. Simply grab an embroidery hoop, some thread and a needle, and a piece of fabric – and you’ll be all set to make a gorgeous stitched piece like this one. Get the tutorial here. 

24. Fabric Typography Wall Art

21 make fabric typography wall

This a great large scale art option for renters, if you’re not allowed to put holes in the walls. The letters are actually made of fabric, and they are attached to the wall using a mixture of cornstarch and water. Head over to Curbly to check out the full photo tutorial.

25. Typography Cookies

24 typography cookies tutorial

If you’re really into typography and you love to bake, then you’ll adore this project. Here’s the key: simply print outlines of letters in your favorite fonts and then use them to cut out your dough. Make your way over to the Minted blog to find out how to do it.

26. Faux Moss Word

30 faux moss word

This faux moss word looks so cool… the texture and the font that was chosen make it look very tactile. And believe it or not, it started out as foam core board! Make your way over to The Crafted Blog to find out how to transform foam core into this awesome faux moss effect.

27. Modernized China

26 modernize china sharpie typography

Turn an old piece of china into a modernized piece of wall art by adding lettering! Just grab a Sharpie and a couple of plates and you’ll be well on your way to making a unique set to hang on your wall. Head over to Florence Finds to check out the full tutorial.

28. Numbered Pillows

27 numbered pillow tutorial

This numbered pillow will add some interest to your sofa or arm chair, and it will surely be a conversation starter. For this one, you can take the easy way out and use pre-made tote bags as Kari Anne has done over at Thistlewood Farms. Or if you’re an advanced sewer, applique the numbers yourself!

29. Embroidered Birthday Card

28 embroidered birthday card

Surprise the birthday girl or boy with one of these unique embroidered typographical birthday cards. Start by using a template to punch holes around each letter, then continue on with embroidery floss. Make your way over to Next To NICX to check out the full tutorial.

30. Faux Zinc Letters

29 eat faux zinc typography

Add some typography to your kitchen by making a set of these faux zinc letters. They are actually made out of lightweight chipboard, which will make them easy to attach to a tiled backsplash. Head over to Lolly Jane to find out how to give them their zinc appearance.

31. Easy Text Art

31 text art

If you’re into scrapbooking, you’ll love this fun DIY text art that you can use to dress up a page in your scrapbook. Just grab some sticky letters and you’ll be ready to go. Make your way over to PS Please Send Chocolate to find out all the details about this project.

32. Typography Nail Art

34 script nail manicure

If you love to give yourself manicures, then you’ll enjoy this unique nail art with a typographical twist. And here’s the best part – you won’t have write the script font yourself, simply pick up a set of these Sally Hansen Salon Effects and stick them onto your nails!

33. DIY Marquee Lights

35 diy marquee letters

Marquee lights are hot right now, but they are also expensive… so why not make your own? And with these, you can even choose your own font. Make your way over to We Lived Happily Ever After to find out how to create your own custom marquee sign.

34. Word Art Sweater

32 sequined word sweater

Turn a boring old sweater into a fun piece of word art using sequins and fabric glue! Decide on a word that you’d like to use, and then begin adhering your sequins to your sweater. Head over to Sealed With A Kiss to find out how make one of these fun sweaters yourself.

35. Letter Lantern Tutorial

33 letter paper lantern diy

Dress up your abode with one of these super creative black and white letter lanterns. The key to this project is to buy vinyl adhesive letters and stick them randomly all over a white lantern in a random order. Check out the full tutorial over at FontCrafts.

36. Melon Cutouts

38 melon cutouts

Give your next get-together some serious flair with a few of these lovely melon cutouts! You’ll need a few small cookie cutters in the shape of numbers and letters to do this one. Make your way over to Craft and Creativity to find out exactly how to make these fun melon bites.

37. Tape Text

36 tape font diy

Learn how to use tape to create an interesting text effect on a piece of paper. You can use anything from washi tape to fabric tape to paper tape to accomplish this unique look. Make your way over to Onelmon to find out how to recreate this cool project yourself.

38. Numbered Door Stop

39 number doorstop

These cool numbered door stops are made out of cement and rope, with text painted onto the surface. These would look so cute in a beach house or on a house boat. Head over to Homemade Makeovers to find out how to make one of these nautical-looking numbered doorstops.

39. Colorful Blocks

37 diy childrens blocks

Make a set of these pretty blocks for your kids, grandkids, or any kid really! These blocks come with the letters already on the blocks, so all you have to do is paint them pretty colors. Get the full tutorial over at Craft and Creativity. These would make a lovely baby shower gift, too.

40. Tissue Paper Transfer

40 tissue paper transfer candle

Believe it or not, you can actually transfer written images to wax candles using a combination of tissue paper, waxed paper and a few other materials. And you’re not limited to numbers, of course! Make your way over to Something Turquoise to find out how to do it.

41. Sprinkle Words

43 sprinkle letters

Decorate for a birthday party with this super fun sprinkle word tutorial! You could write out the birthday boy or girl’s name, or choose their age… make your way over to The Party Parade to find out how to recreate this look for your next event. A small version can be a cake topper, too.

42. Sharpie Letters

42 sharpie letter diy

Transform a plain wooden letter into a fun, boho-chic accent for your home using a black Sharpie marker and some creativity. Make your way over to The Beauty Dojo to find out how to make your own set of letters. You could even spell out your own name!

43. Custom Colored Iron-On Letters

44 custom iron on letters

Iron-on transfers only come in a certain number of standard colors… so if you’re interested in making something with custom colors, give this tutorial from Little Red Window a try. They work great for onesies as shown above, but they would also be perfect for t-shirts too.

44. Personalized Eye Chart

41 eye chart diy

Add some fun art to your wall by making one of these unique personalized eye charts. This tutorial shows you how to use a Silhouette machine to create vinyl letters, but you could also achieve a similar effect with store-bought letters. Get the tutorial right here. 

45. Confetti Marshmallows

45 diy confetti marshmallow numbers

Here’s another festive tutorial that would be perfect for a birthday party. First, you’ll make a batch of homemade marshmallows and then cover them with colorful confetti sprinkles. Make your way over to Studio DIY to find out exactly how to create some of these fun numbers.

46. Sequined Letters

47 gold sequin letters

Add some glamour to your home with a few of these gorgeous sequined letters. They would look lovely in a bedroom by the closet, or spelling out your name in your home office. Make your way over to My Crafty Spot to find out how to recreate this lovely look.

47. Stencil Quote

48 diy stencil letter quote

Share your favorite quote on the wall by making one of these unique letter stencil quote boards. The black makes the letters really stand out, but you could also use a brighter hue if you’re a color lover. Check out the full tutorial over at Brepurposed. 

48. Wood & Wire Bracelets

50 diy monogram wood wire bracelet madeinaday com 650x614

Add some interest to your jewelry collection by making one of these lovely wood and wire bracelets. Put your initials on the wooden disc, or even a series of bracelets with different letters that spell out a word. Head over to Made In A Day to find out how to make one.

49. Brushstroke Letters

46 brushstroke letters

Add some color to the walls in your home by making a set of these cheerful brushstroke letters. The key is to do each color separately, and to let each coat dry in between. Make your way over to Homemade Ginger to find out how to make one (or ten!)

50.  Folded Paper Alphabet

49 paper folded alphabet

You can even create beautiful typographical wall art using plain old white paper! This tutorial from Skona Hem diagrams how to cut and fold the page for each letter of the alphabet. You could display the whole alphabet as shown above, or simply a word or a name.

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