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15 Great Tips to Get You Ready for Fire Pit Season

The moment spring arrives, we start getting excited for fire pit season. By this point in the year, over the May long weekend specifically, we’re always crossing our fingers in hopes that the weather will be dry enough to get a decent fire going during our first few cottage weekends of the season. Either way, we make sure that we’re prepared by this point to have a safe and enjoyable fire pit season, just to make sure that things stay fun rather than becoming stressful or dangerous due to carelessness.

Just in case you love fire pit season as much as we do but you’d also like to make sure you go about it all the right way, here are 15 very helpful (and very smart) tips and tricks for getting ready and making the most of your fire pit this spring!

1. Run all your safety checks before the first grill

Run all your safety checks before the first grill

We now how tempting the idea of a first grill of the season can be, and we’ve often felt the urge to throw things right onto the grill and get cooking the moment the weather warms up, but there are a few things you should do before you get down to business making delicious entrees! Latin Touch tells you why and how you should do a few critical safety checks on your grill in advance of your first cookout.

2. Review your safety and usage manual

Review your safety manual

You might think that you remember how to use your grill perfectly after last year but, if you live in a wintery place like us, chances are good that you might have forgotten a small detail or two in the last ten months or so! It might sound like overkill, but we can honestly say that reviewing our manual and safety notes, just like Simply Meat Smoking suggests, has saved us from ruining the first few meals we’ve thrown onto the grill countless years in a row, especially in years when we’ve updated features or bought a new grill entirely.

3. Tips for building your own safe gravel based fire pit

Tips for building your own safe fire pit

When you think of “grilling” for the spring, do you actually think of a more rustic style metal grill placed on top of a fire pit rather than just using a barbecue? Then perhaps it’s time for a brand new, safer pit to put that grill on! Hedberg Rocks guides you through the process of gravel based fire pit with a cylindrical metal tin siding encompassed in rocks, making your grilling process solid and safe.

4. Make an organic perimeter fire pit

Make an organic perimeter fire pit

Have you always been wary of including metal in your fire pit plans and you’d rather make a more organic pit that you can actually roast things over in a more old fashioned way? In that case, we think you might prefer to take a look at the way Laura Catherine made a fire pit with a completely rock lined perimeter! It’s a solid, smart way to build a fire that has a very small chance of getting out of control while you cook over it.