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Teriyaki Sweet Potato Rice Bowls

These Teriyaki Sweet Potato Rice Bowls are a sweet and tangy meal that the family will love! These bowls are packed with nutrients and use a healthier homemade teriyaki sauce that is surprisingly easy.

Teriyaki sweet potato rice bowls

Who doesn’t love teriyaki? The sweet and tangy sauce that coats whatever it is cooked with, giving it a sticky and irresistible crust. I can’t think of anyone. Kids love its sweetness, adults love its complexity. It is a winner with any crowd.

This teriyaki is a homemade version of the beloved sauce. Store bought sauces are delicious, but they can be loaded with sodium and preservatives. This homemade version is surprisingly easy to make. The recipe also makes extra that you can store in your fridge and use when you are in a hurry.

Teriyaki sweet potato rice bowls recipe

For this recipe, we use roasted sweet potatoes as our “meat” to create a hearty plant-based meal. They get simmered in the sauce and can really soak in the flavor since they are a porous vegetable. The result is downright delicious.

Feel free to substitute the sweet potatoes for chicken, if that is what your family prefers. Or, use half sweet potatoes and half chicken for the best of both worlds.

Then, serve the teriyaki sweet potatoes or chicken over a bed of rice. The rice will soak up any leftover teriyaki flavor, making sure you get to taste every last drop. I added a seaweed salad for extra nutrients, broccoli slaw for crunch, and cilantro for freshness, but feel free to make this bowl your own!

Delicious teriyaki sweet potato rice bowls

Since we made our own teriyaki sauce, we were able to pack in some extra nutrients. The fresh ginger that we added to the sauce adds beaucoup flavor and can help with digestion. The fresh garlic is a natural antibacterial and antiviral, which can prevent us from catching a cold. Combined, they both help to reduce inflammation in the body.