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Creative Ways to Put the Space Under Your Stairs to Good Use

As we learned from Harry Potter, the tiny cupboard under the stairs might not be the best place for a bedroom. It is, however, extra space in your home that has big potential if you’re willing to get a little crafty with it!Check out these ideas for making the space under your stairs awesome.

1. Wine wall

Wine storage understairs

You might not have enough cupboard space for nice wine racks, but the space under your stairs can be transformed to make up for that! Build shelves that will fit wine bottles comfortably on their side.

2. Kid’s playhouse

Kid's playhouse

Instead of devoting an entire room in the house to toys, transform the space under the stairs into a playhouse that’s all their own.

3. Indoor bike rack


Screw hooks to the stairs from underneath so you can hang your bike inside and out of the way. This is a great way to use the underside of stairs in your basement or garage.

4. Bookcase

Bookcase understairs design

What better place to store all the books you’ve got no room for but can’t bear to part with! Put the extra space under your stairs to great use by turning it into a staggered bookcase.

5. Cozy reading nook

Alcove space understairs

The space under your stairs might be small, but that’s all you need for a cozy reading nook. A squishy seat, some shelves, and a good light will make it the best spot in the house!

6. Guest bathroom

Small toilet understairs

Sure, the cupboard under the stairs is tiny, but what more does the ground floor need than a toilet, a sink, and a mirror? Next time you decide to do your own home renovations, think about how you might make the space under your stairs into a stylish little lavatory.

7. A bar

Build a functional bar understairs

Instead of wasting the space under the stairs, build yourself a walk up bar! Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol. A bar under your stairs is a great place for a soda, juice, or candy bar too.

8. A breakfast station

Create a breakfast nook understairs

Homeowner’s with tiny kitchens know the struggle of not having enough counter space. If your stairs and kitchen are close together, turn the space under the stairs into a breakfast station to give yourself more food prep room!

9. Media station


In houses where the stairs are near the living room, the space under the stairs makes a great media station! Building shelves for your television and other electronics there saves you from wasting another wall in the room.

10. A workspace


If you’re looking for at least a semi-private office but you don’t have a spare room in your house, create a desk space where the cupboard under your stairs would be. Add some shelves and you’ve got an accessible work station!

11. Pet hideaway

Dog house understairs

If you don’t have any use for the space under your stairs, maybe your pet does! Creating a comfy hideaway for your dog or cat is the perfect way to use the space without doing a complete renovation of the area.

12. Mini mudroom

Colorful walls and space understairs for storage and clothes

Transforming the space under your stairs into a mini mudroom gives you more storage for coats, boots, hats, and so on. It’s the perfect place for a bench to sit on while you pull on your shoes!

13. Mirrored cupboards


Building mirrored cupboards under your stairs achieves two thing. Firstly, you’ll have extra storage that’s out of the way and discreet. Second, placing mirrors in a hallway or a small room gives the illusion of extra space and makes the room look bigger!

14. A bed

Design a bed understairs

Letting the bed fill up the empty space under the stairs leaves the rest of the room free for free walking space or other furniture. This design is perfect for basement apartments.

15. Decor shelving


Sometimes it’s just nice to have extra space for pretty things! Building a little bit of recessed shelving under your stairs gives you more surfaces for decorative items and trinkets that give your home character.

16. Trap door

Stairs trap door

Not only is this storage idea fun to show people, but it also makes better use of the space under your stairs than most! Store seasonal decorations or clothing underneath and out of the way.

Have you transformed the cupboard under your stairs into something else exciting! Tell us about it in the comments!

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