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DIY Silver Hanging Himmeli

Who doesn’t love hanging geometric shapes? Especially if they are used as air plant’s home, they could be hanged everywhere at home if it was for me. The Web and Pinterest are full of gold examples, which are beautiful don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to try a more post modern look: metallic silver. I love the contrast between the natural soft green of the plant and the cold aseptic silver shape.

Diy himmeli air plant set1

Himmeli are these geometric shapes that can be easily transformed into a Christmas tree decor or hanging, maybe by adding some gold and red elements to it. The shapes can range from very basic ones, like ours, to quite complex and asymmetric solutions, like the ones that recall diamond shapes. For now, let’s stick to a basic himmeli shape, see what you’ll need plus a few recommendations at the bottom that probably will make your craft easier to assemble.


  • thread
  • soft metallic wire
  • metallic tubes (in the hardware store, check for longer tubes and then ask for them to be cut into 10cm pieces)
  • air plant

Diy himmeli air plant supplies

1. Prepare a long thread onto a hook you can make with your wire: we’ll use this to push the thread through the tubes. For the first tube, leave some thread on both ends so that you can make a knot just outside of it.
Diy himmeli air plant sew

2. Make the thread go through 2 more tubes, making a triangle shape. Connect the 3rd tube to the first one by making the thread go through it again.
Diy himmeli air plant thread

3. Keep adding groups of 2 tubes and closing it to the starting one, to make a chain of triangular shapes. You should end up with 5 triangles.
Diy himmeli air plant triangle

4. Now add one tube like shown below and connect it to the very first one you placed. Watch out because when you pull, things start to get 3D.
Diy himmeli air plant join

5. You should end up with a pyramid shape with two flat triangles at the bottom. Work your thread through your tubes in order to connect these two flat triangles and make the whole thing three dimensional. If you see some loose joints just make the thread go through them and the structure will stiffen up.

Diy himmeli air plant pull

Some extra advice is to always remember to pull firmly the thread on every step or the structure will come out weirdly shaped. Also, I recommend you give it a try with very thin wire instead of thread, as it would prevent tubes from squishing out of the structure at all steps. When you’re happy with the result, just place your air plant and hang it anywhere at home. Pretty cute!

Diy himmeli air plant set4

Diy himmeli air plant set3

Diy himmeli air plant set2

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