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50 DIY Shirts To Whip Up By The Weekend

Take your weekend wardrobe into your own hands and dip your toes in the fashion world. Here are 50 DIY shirts you can whip up by the weekend and dawn on some of your Saturday and Sunday festivities. Check them out below and see what you can do with some older pieces or from scratch ideas!

1. Geo-Cut

Geo cut tshirt diy

First on our list, Brit + Co shows us how to take an old tee and cut it to perfection! This fun geo print is unique and you can get really creative in styling!

2. Arrows


Kristi Murphy printed some arrows on her tee and we’re loving this edgy look as well. Dress it up, dress it down and maybe even add some color!

3. Fabric Paint

Diy fabric paint tee

Fabric paint is an obvious way to DIY your very own t-shirt. Offbeat & Inspired has all the details behind this design.

4. Flamingos

Diy flamingo tee

Are these flamingos not adorable? You can learn how to print these cuties in a simple afternoon! (via)

5. Sequins

Diy sequins tee

Brit + Co grab some sequins and got to work! Just look at how adorable that makeshift collar is and how much it dresses a basic t-shirt up!

6. Circle

Diy circkle knit top

This circle knit top is good for you or the baby! Land of Nod has all the details behind how to make it happen.

7. Cropped

Diy crop top

Cropped tops can be fun. And this houndstooth mix is from The Felted Fox – with the tutorial behind it too!

8. Peplum

Diy peplum top

Peplums are still trending! Visit Love Maegan  and learn how to make one of these cuties by the weekend!

9. Basic Tee

Diy sewing a basic tee

Brit + Co will also show you how to sew a basic tee from scratch. This is always a good skill to have in your back pocket.

10. Motivational

Diy motivational tee

Making some motivational shirts for the gym seem like a good idea, for well, motivation of course! Check these cuties out at Brit + Co.

11. Button-Up Tunic

Diy men's tunic

A Pair and A Spare took a men’s button-down and transformed it into a tunic. Some can wear this one as a dress but throw on some tights and boots for the cooler-weathered days!

12. Choker

Diy choker tee

This choker tee from Revenge Bakery is a bit edgy and cool, don’t you think? Learn how to make this after the jump!

13. Cactus Tie-Dye

Diy cactus tie dye tee

This cactus tie dye shirt is extra adorable and charming too. Tie dying t-shirts is also a must-have skill to keep in your back pocket for all kinds of events. (via)

14. Lace-Up

Olympus digital camera

Lace-ups tops are more in style than ever. And if you visit Made Up Style, you’ll learn how to turn an old tee into one with ease.

15. Fringe Hem

Fringe hem t shirt

Les Carnets de Gee went a little crazy with the fringe. But don’t worry, we love this too. There’s a fun, boho style here that fits inside every youthful closet.

16. Feathers

Feather stamp shirt diy

Sincerely, Kinsey stamped on some feathers. You can use color here with the fabric paints or go with something more neutral like you see here.

17. Vintage Stamp

Vintage stamp tee diy

Vintage stamps work well on t-shirts too. Just follow along and make a vintage-inspired tee with one of them. (via)

18. Dip Dye

Diy dip dye tee

Lily Melrose shows us how to dip dye our shirts. You can easily create a stylish and trendy ombre effect on an older t-shirt and make it new again.

19. Sharpies

Diy sharpie tee

Grabbed your sharpies and get to work! Learn how to get extra creative with this idea from Genuine Mudpie.

20. Necklace

Faux necklace t shirt close up

If you’re got an extra artistic hand, then this tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom is right up your alley. Draw your jewelry right on your shirt!

21. Crocheted

Diy crochet shirt

A bit of crocheted detailing seems like a nice idea. Trash to Couture gives us all the details here.

22. Bleached

Diy bleached tee

Chelsea’s Style Tips provides us with more inspiration involving bleach and our t-shirts. There are so many designs you can create!

23. Cats

Diy cat shirt

Some cat stamps seem like a fun idea. Turn a crop top into something with a bit more personality! (via)

24. Chevron

Diy bleach shirt

We love chevron and we love the subtle print you see here. Check out the tutorial over at Candy and Clothes.

25. Wedding Party

St diy bleach bridesmaid tshirt

Something Turquoise went with the wedding party theme with their tanks. This is a great way to gift your loved ones throughout all the bridal festivities!

26. Workout

Diy workout tee

Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth whipped up some workout shirts that we find rather charming. Learn how to add to your workout gear tonight!

27. Keyhole

Diy white chocker tee

A Beautiful Mess went with a choker-style shirt or a keyhole detail if you prefer. It’s classic, it’s easy to try your own hand at and can become an easy staple in one’s closet.

28. Birds

Stenciled t shirt general 2

Birds can be a fun addition too, don’t you think? Just visit DIY Projects to learn how.

29. Epaulets

Beaded epaulet top diy

Shine Trim teaches us how to add some beaded epaulets to our simple shirts. Dress them up with these fun embellishments!

30. Ruffle Neck

Diy ruffle neck top

We’re loving this retro ruffle neck blouse from How Joyful! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a polka dot print and full of personality already.

31. Bows

Diy bow tee

This bow-backed tee is fun too, don’t you think? Layer shirts for extra colors or wear it over a bathing suit. (via)

32. Lace-Up Sleeves

Diy laced up collar sleeves

Trash to Couture went with another big trend but this time the lace-up was on the sleeves! Hop on over now a peek at this unique tutorial!

33. Ruffled Tube

Diy ruffle tube top

Ruffle tube tops are comfortable and super cute. Check out this summertime treat over at Trinkets in Bloom.

34. Safety Pins

Safety pins diy t shirt

Safety pins can make fun designs too! Wording or some patterns, you’ve be surprised how much fun this can be! (via)

35. Owl

Diy bleach spray shirt

You can use bleach to cover you tee with a cute little owl too. We found this one over at Practically Functional.

36. Word Embroidery

Diy word embroidery shirts

We were absolutely swooning for this delicate word embroidery. A Pair and A Spare brought us some beautiful inspiration with this one.

37. Sports

Diy sacramento kings sports team basketball shirt

You can even whip up your own sports shirts at home! All you have to do is visit Happiness is Homemade and learn how.

38. Summer Tank

Diy summer tank

Sometimes all you need is the perfect summer time. And sometimes the only way to find one is to make one instead. (via)

39. Square

Diy square top

Check out this comfy and cozy square top from Babble! It’s the perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe!

40. Dolman

Diy dolman tee

Trash to Couture does it again! Take an old tee-shirt (from your closet or another’s) and turn it into a fashionable dolman.

41. Watercolor

Diy watercolor tee

Using your watercolor skills is a nice way to jazz up old t-shirts as well. You just have to get in touch with your creativity. (via)

42. More Arrows

Diy arrow tee

Here are some more arrows that you can decorate and jazz up your shirts with. If these arrows are more your speed, check them out at Glam Radar.

43. Flowers

Stamped tshirt diy

Hey Wanderer went with a flower pattern. And used a bit of color too! It’s another bout of inspiration that’s inspiration our wardrobe.

44. Sharpie Tie-Dye

Diy sharpie tie dye

Alisa Burke used sharpies for her t-shirt design as well. But this time, there’s a slight tie dye effect.

45. Scooped

Scoop neck tee

This shredded, scoop neck is pretty quirky and fun! Whether you start from scratch or upcycle, it’s a great style to at least try. (via)

46. Floral Crop

Diy floral crop top

Cotton and Curls made a floral crop top that paired perfectly with a pair of high-waisted bell bottoms. We’re swooning for the finished product.

47. Squeeze

Diy squeeze

Squeeze into this “squeeze” tee with some help from Our Life is Beautiful! It was all inspired from a piece at Anthropologie!

48. Letters

Diy letter tee

Brit + Co helped inspire us again with this lettered tee. All you need is some bleach to get started.

49. Zipper Back

Diy zipper razer back

Visit Trash to Couture just one more time if you have an affinity for razorbacks. That zipper detailing is so cute!

50. Cut-Out Denim

Diy cut out denim shirt

And finally, this cut-out denim top from A Pair and A Spare may be our favorite on the list. There are just so many possibilities!

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