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15 DIY Curtain Rods To Redress Your Windows

Before there’s fabric hanging over the eyes of the home, you’ll need a foundation to place it. These 15 DIY curtain rods are here to help you redress your windows and provide a much needed seasonal change or transformation around the house. Let’s take a peek at all the ways you can homemake your interior design from the inside-out.

1. Coppers

Diy copper curtain rod

Maison De Pax starts us off strong with this gorgeous copper piping curtain rod idea. It’s a super quick and easy DIY but one that packs a powerful punch. Both edgy and feminine, it looks so beautiful next to creamy whites.

2. Galvanized Pipe

Diy pipe curtain rods

The Home Depot utilized some galvanized pipe to make their industrial-styled curtain rods. What’s great about the piping is it can be used within all home styles – from traditional or more modern it’ll blend nicely without fuss.

3. Tree Branch


If you’re looking for a more bohemian vibe, check out Arbor Abode. They’ll walk you through how to take a branch from your yard and turn it into a curtain rod. It’s whimsical, it’s etheral, and it’s a definite showstopper for the home.

4. Wooden Cornice

Diy wooden valance

Cornice or valence, whatever name you prefer, this piece from Shanty 2 Chic is made from wood. It’s such a great highlight to a space that has infused a farmhouse style already. Hop on over now and check out the instructions.

5. Industrial

Diy industrial style curtain rod

Lynne Knowlton has an industrial design to take a peek at as well. Using variour bits from the hardware store, you can easily create curtain rods to round out your bedroom or living room style. We love how it compliments a beautiful fabric or more feminine shade as well.

6. Wooden Dowel

Diy wooden dowel rod curtain

Wooden dowels are able to do so many things around the house and within a lot of DIY projects. And over at My Fabuless Life you’ll see how you can utiize them to create some fabulous curtain rods with a lot of ease and low budget.

7. Nautical

Diy nautical curtain rod

At Finding Silver Pennies, you’ll learn how to create a curtain rod to compliment a nautical space. These would be fantastic in nurseries or even at your beach house. If you want to get really creative, they’re easy to add a bit of color too.

8. Traditional

Easy diy curtain rods

If you want something more traditional, there are some options for you too. In fact, if you visit The Shabby Creek Cottage you’ll be able to grab the know-how behind these beauties, which will easily coincide within any room of the house.

9. Coat Rack

Diy curtain rod hooks

These fun sets of hooks or coat racks can be turned into an offbeat curtain rod as well. Check out how Olive & Love did it and then try to recreate it at home. There are so many different designs concerning these pieces so the options are really endless in terms of style.

10. Conduit

Diy conduit pipe curtain rods

Check out Apartment Therapy to learn how to make some conduit pipe curtain rods. Perfect for smaller, square spaces like breakfast nooks or reading corners, we love the simplicity. For heavier curtains, these work well.

11. Shower Rings

Diy shower ring branch curtain rod

Some shower rings and a branch come together quite nicely as well. It’s like a fusion of modern and rustic style – always a favorite. Check out all of the details at Life Over Easy.

12. Rope

Diy rope curtain rod

Who knew rope could be turned into a curtain rod? If you’re looking for unique texture or maybe some cottage styling, this could be a fun route to take. Snag the instruction on its creation at Vintage Home Love.

13. Rustic

Rustic diy curtain rods

If you visit Maison De Pax again, you need to check out this rustic-inspired curtain rod DIY. It’s such a simple design but one that can and will do a lot for any space of your home. From the bedroom, to the living room it’s definitely a versatile treatment.

14. Towel Hooks

Diy curtain rod with towel hooks

Who knew towel hooks could hold up the curtains? It’s just another innovative way to go about treating the windows. Grab the deets at Debbiedoos.

15. Doorknobs

Diy doorknob curtain finials

These finials are the cutest – and made out of doorknobs. We grabbed the idea by visiting In My Own Style and learning how to put a personalized twist on a classic curtain rod. Just think of all of the possibilities by opening your eyes to the magic of these little bits.

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