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How to Save Damaged Makeup Products

For makeup enthusiasts like us, there’s one nightmare that we all dread: broken makeup. The idea of smashed palettes, cracked compacts, and pressed shadows turned to dust strikes fear into the hearts of makeup artists worldwide. Lucky for us DIY savvy artists, however, there are actually a number of ways that you can fix broken makeup yourself in order to save your products from the doom of being thrown out and when they don’t have to be.

Check out these 15 different methods and techniques for fixing broken makeup of all kinds in order to save them from being wasted!

1. Re-pot a broken lipstick

Broken lipstick

When you Google search “fix broken makeup”, you’ll find that the most common thing that pops up is powdered, since those break so easily. Sometimes, however, lipsticks snap and need to be saved too! Makeup Tutorials suggests harvesting what’s left, mixing it into a gloss, and re-potting it so it can be put on with a brush instead.

2. Fix broken powder makeup without alcohol

Fix broken powder makeup without alcohol

As you’ll notice, many of the techniques and tutorials you’ll find online for fixing broken powdered makeup involve soaking it in isopropyl rubbing alcohol and letting it dissolve out, leaving the powder once more packed down and smoothed. There are many different spins on this technique, but the basic steps that you see on Girl Versus Makeup are perhaps the most popularly used.

3. Fix broken blush in the pot

Fix broken blush in the pot

While some tutorials suggest taking the powder right out of the original pot and mixing it elsewhere, Ms Quinn Face opts to skip that step and just make the whole process happen right in the compact to save materials and time. That way you can just press things down, leave it all to dry, and be done with it!

4. Fix broken compacts with a spoon

Fix broken compacts with a spoon

Are you worried about over-saturating the compact, not smoothing it out properly, and ending up with a lumpy finished product that you don’t like using? Then check out how Happy Treasures changed the standard process up ever so slightly! They place the compact on an old plate to catch any mess, use the cap of the alcohol to add it in smaller quantities, and use the flat back of a spoon to smooth things out nicely and really press the powder down.