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Easy DIY Shorts That You’ll Love This Summer

Maybe it’s not quite warm enough to start wearing shorts yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning cute summer outfits in advance. In fact, the beginning or spring is the perfect time to start crafting, sewing, designing, and altering to create awesome shorts in time for warmer weather to arrive!

Check out these awesome tutorials that will show you how to make your very own summer shorts!

1. Sharpie shorts

Sharpie shorts

To jazz up an old pair of shorts with s stylishly weathered look, keep things simple! Sketch a pattern you enjoy across one leg in pencil and trace it with sharpies. The permanent marker will stay, the pencil will wash out, and you’ll have a free pair of graphic shorts!(Source: S.E.M. Times)

2. Cut out side seam shorts

Cut out side hem shorts

Cut out the seam down each side of your shorts and use the piece you’ve cut out to re-fasten them in a more interesting way! Try sewing strips of the spare denim in X’s or in stripes straight across.(Source: Polyvore)

3. Lace pocket cut out shorts

Lace pocket cut out shorts

Cut out the pocket of a worn pair of shorts for a peekaboo effect and adorn with with a simple lace applique! Hand sewn or iron-on appliques will work well.(Source: Love It So Much)

4. Painted galaxy shorts

Galazy shorts

Sometimes the best way to customize your clothing is to make it actual art! Use fabric paint in black, white, blues, purples, and pinks to turn the front of your shorts into a gorgeous galaxy.(Source: Brittany Desgages)

5. Heart pocket cut outs

Heart pocket cut otus

Cut out a heart shape from each back pocket and sew, glue, or iron a fabric you love into the pocket like a patch!(Source: Brandi Van Alphen)

6. Studded pocket shorts

Studded pocket shorts

Hand studding the back pockets of your shorts is a great way to make them as edgy as you like. For an extra unique flare, stud half the pocket and cut the other half off so the contrasting colour underneath shows!(Source: Wanelo)

7. Painted heart shorts

Painted heart shorts

Use fabric paint and a stencil to scatter little hand painted hearts all over your shorts! If you’d like a more handmade effect, ditch the stencil and paint the hearts free hand.(Source: M&J Trimmings)

8. Fabric panel shorts

Fabric panel shorts

Find a coloured, patterned, or graphic fabric that you love and cut it to match the shape of one short leg. Glue or hand sew the panel into place and let it be your outfit’s statement piece!(Source: Bead and Cord)

9. Rainbow button shorts

Button shorts

Sewing colourful buttons all over the pockets or leg panels of your shorts jazzes them up and gets rid of all those spare buttons you weren’t using!(Source: MingyanLu)

10. Friendship bracelet shorts

Friendship bracelet shorts

These shirts are the perfect throwback to childhood summers weaving friendship bracelets in the sun! Make two long ones and two short ones and sew them along the side seams and pockets of your shorts.(Source: Look What I Made)

11. No-sew scalloped shorts

No sew scalloped shorts

Tracing the edge of a jar lid or other small, circular object along the bottom of each leg and then cutting will help you turn plain shorts into the perfect scalloped shorts in just a few simple steps.(Source: Candi Mandi)

12. Silk scarf shorts

Silk scarf shorts

Repurposing an old scarf is a great way to get material for new shorts without having to buy it. This pattern is easier than you’d think!(Source: Syl and Sam)

13. Layered lace shorts

Layered lace shorts

Hand sewing lace strips to your old shorts might sound time consuming, but it’s worth the delicately gorgeous finished product!(Source: Sincerely, Kinsey)

14. Daisy shorts

Daisy shorts

Nothing says summer like delicate little white flowers! Hand sew them in an even pattern or haphazardly for a whimsical effect.(Source: This Fashion is Mine)

15. Bow pockets

Bow pockets

Whether you choose lace, patterned fabric, or even old hair bows, sewing bows across your back pockets adds a little charm to plain denim. Do you find you never use those pockets anyways? Cut them off, pinch them in the middle, and sew them over the darker pocket imprints like little denim bows!(Source: So Creative Things)

Have you customized your shorts in a creative way that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it or link us to a picture!

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