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13 DIY Rock Garden Ideas To Get Inspired By

Create an escape in your backyard by adding bits and pieces of inspiration and serenity. You can do that by adding some comfy patio furniture. You can do that by having a pool or waterfall installed. Plant some fresh greens. Make sure your grass is as green and healthy as it can be. You can also create something a bit more unique and personalized to you. Here are 13 DIY rock garden ideas to get inspired by. Mother Nature can bring us rest and relaxation in a variety of ways, here’s just another thought to add to your list!

1. Landscaping Alongside Trees

Rock garden with trees

Each of your trees could get a makeover. Add a bit of landscaping to each – whether they’re in your front of backyard. Then, include some rocks and stones into the mix – per your own style. The texture can really make a difference. Find more inspiration like this by perusing Pinterest like us!

2. With A Stream

Streamside garden spot

Create a gorgeous, rock garden escape by adding in a stream. Your backyard will really go up in terms of rest and relaxation levels. Add a cafe table with some chairs and your morning coffee will never be better. Details can be found at HGTV Canada.

3. Added Succulents

Rock garden with succulents

Southeast AgNET showed off this gorgeous scene that may be of inspiration to our southwestern friends. Pairing rocks and succulents can make for quite the stunning pairing. The texture is so unique and personalized!

4. White Pebbles

White pebbles with cute succulents look amazing

And sometimes white pebbles may be all you need. Especially if you’re creating a space inside the house. Rock gardens can be chic and sophisticated too – just ask Shelterness!

5. Varied Sizes

Varied sizes of rock in garden

Country Living went with a more natural scene and we’re living for it! If you’re gathering inspiration on how to make a rock garden that looks as though it was already there and hand placed by Mother Nature herself, add variation. Different shapes, sizes, and nothing quite symmetrical by way of design will do the trick.

6. Zen

Zen rock garden idea

Backyard Boss got the “zen” feeling down quite nicely. That miniature zen garden you have in your office? Well, this is basically just the real-life size version of that. So, go ahead, install those rocks and make sure you have the sand. You’ll never want to leave this luxurious space.

7. Build A Bridge

Diy rock garden with a bridge

Take a look at this charming set up. If you’re looking to just elevate your garden, check out this space from Hometalk for some inspiration. A rock pathway and a bridge could be quite the charming way of topping off your backyard vision.

8. Walkway

Diy garden bridge with rock walkway

Here’s another walkway that acts as a rock garden of sorts. This pathway and variation in size of rocks and stones makes a contemporary finish. Home Design Lover will give you more insight.

9. Creek Patio

Diy creek patio rock garden

Houzz showcases another patio that’s been outlines by a manmade creek and rock garden. This kind of natural setting still has a luxurious feel but doesn’t feel fake. Instead, it sets up an atmosphere for us to enjoy and take in the natural beauty that’s already happening outside.

10. Just A Line

Diy thin line rock garden

And then other times, simplicity may be the key to your own special space. A simple line of rocks becomes a beautiful addition to this garden. Thanks for sharing the inspiration 3 Dogs in a Garden!

11. Concrete Balls

Concrete garden balls

Your rock garden can have all sorts of “rocks” and things hidden inside, like special secrets and marks of yourself. Hometalk introduced us to these concrete garden balls that would be a wonderful addition to our more contemporary or zen spaces. You can even find these in colors if you so choose.

12. More Natural

Natural rock garden diy

But we really are all about the most natural of scenes. Here we are showing off a space from Houzz again just to give you all another look at how you can design a backyard that fits your vision without coming across as too filtered or manipulated. Variation in sizes, color, and shape is key!

13. Concentrated

Rocker garden idea 1

YouTube has a lot of tutorials to walk you through creating some magic in your backyard. We love some concentrated spaces like you see here. You can just make them small or create a fun design to show off and make a focal piece of your spread.

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