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Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Suitcases

Whether you’ve found a pile of old suitcases in your attic and garage or just seen some neat vintage looking bags at a thrift sale, you’ve actually got what you need to make some surprisingly awesome decor! Besides giving your space a classic chic aesthetic, using old suitcases for DIY projects upcycles too, which is always beneficial for the environment.

Check out these 15 creatively practical ideas for re-purposing old suitcases so they won’t get thrown away!

1. Half suitcase wall shelves

Half suitcase wall shelves

We love this idea featured on Amazon Aws to transform old suitcases into vintage shelving! Besides looking vintage, it’s like a conceptual art installment to have the suitcases sticking half way out of the wall.

2. Suitcase lid breakfast tray

Suitcase lid breakfast tray

Mother Earth Living suggests treating your loved ones to breakfast in bed using the lid of a vintage suitcase as a tray! Many old suitcases already have cute patterns lining their inside, but you could decoupage one if yours doesn’t.

3. Vintage suitcase side table

Vintage suitcase sidetable

This awesome tutorial from Stars for Streetlights teaches you how to turn a small vintage suitcases into a table that’s the perfect height for an end table in the living room or a hall table in your entry way.

4. Flower planter

Flower planter

Pepper Design has the perfect idea for old suitcases that are in slightly rough shape but still super cute. Take them out onto your porch and fill them with your favourite flowers to make the perfect vintage looking planter.

5. Vintage TV stand decor

Vintage tv stand decor

Design Sponge knows that suitcases are just as good for simple placement decor as they are for really crafty DIY projects. We love how they look piled under the TV stand to subtly remind everyone of your love for travel. You might even use them as storage for things that you don’t use often but don’t need to access easily or regularly.

6. Dresser and vintage suitcase storage

Dresser and vintage suitcase storage

If you have some vintage suitcases and an old dresser that you’re looking to upcycle, then this storage project from Eclectically Vintage is the one for you! Sand down and paint the surface of the dresser and remove the drawers. Pick suitcases that fit well into the empty shelves and store your seasonal clothing, spare blankets, or keepsakes there.

7. Suitcase piled nightstand

Suitcase piled nightstand

If you can find vintage suitcases in decreasing sizes that let them pile easily, then you’ve got everything you need to make this traveler-chic besides table featured on Buzzfeed! Just make sure the suitcases sit solidly on each other before you place a lamp or a glass of water there.

8. Wedding Guestbook

Wedding guestbook

We absolutely adore this alternative wedding “guestbook” idea from B. Lovely Events! It’s perfect for couples who love to travel or who chose to have a destination wedding. Choose pictures and post cards of goal destinations or the place you’re getting married in and have guests sign those and place them into a cute vintage suitcases, rather than signing a page in a book.

9. Suitcase cat bunk

Suitcase cat bunk

Hometone guides you through the process of making a cozy cat bed from two halves of a vintage suitcase. The halve can stack on each other like a side table, so it’s the perfect design for homes with multiple kitties.

10. Suitcase craft storage

Suitcase craft storage

Inspire Co. shows you how useful a vintage suitcases divided into compartments using little containers can be for storing and organizing and your small craft supplies. If your suitcase is quite plain, you can make it extra fun with some scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper and decoupage glue.

11. Rolling bar

Rolling bar

We absolutely love this little rolling bar idea from Apartment Therapy! It’s the perfect drink station for very small apartments because it’s compact and you can move it around when you need to.

12. Vintage suitcase dog bowl stand

Vintage suitcase dog bowl stand

Sometimes older dogs have trouble bending to eat and drink from bowls that sit low down on the floor. Pet Project shows you how to make a raised stand for your pet’s bowls using half of a vintage suitcase as the base.

13. Suitcase medicine cabinet

Suitcase medicine cabinet

Does your bathroom lack medicine cabinet space? Try making your own! We love this small vintage suitcase cabinet featured on Home Ideas Mag. Putting little drawers and shelves in gives you an especially good storage spot.

14. Suitcase picnic table with built in speakers

Suitcase picnic table with built in speakers

Instructables walks you step by step through the process of creating this awesome little picnic table that lets you place music while you eat! It’s the perfect way to enjoy some snacks and tunes in the sun with your best friend or significant other.

15. Suitcase rolling under-bed storage

Suitcase rolling underbed storage

BHG suggests attaching little wheels to the undersides of some suitcases and placing them in the space under your bed. When you need to access what’s inside, simply roll them out and open them up!

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