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Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Books

Old books are heavy and take up a lot of space. Donation is always an option but getting piles of books to the drop off can be difficult. Throwing books away, however, is never the answer! Whether they’re water damaged or simply old and not often read, re-purpose them instead!Check out these creative ideas for upcycling your old books!

1. Bedside table


Sanna & Sania used glue and white paint to transform old books into a gorgeous bedside table for a reading lamp!

2. Folded page mobile


This gorgeous mobile wall piece will let your guests know right away that they’re in the home of a book lover. Check it out on Frau!

3. Picture frame


Check out ElevenTrees gorgeous idea for transforming a book into a hanging or standing picture frame! Consider using a book that means something to you.

4. Wedding bouquet


Book worms will love the idea of creating an alternative bouquet of flowers from book pages. Check out the one on Real Simple.

5. Jewelry box


Hollowing out the centre of an old book like like Sincerely, Kinsey did makes for a beautiful looking jewelry box.

6. Hanging art


This gorgeous art installation form Loot Vintage Rentals might be a lofty DIY goal, but you can create a beautiful smaller version by folding pages and adding flowers and feathers.

7. Headboard


Check out how Designs Everyday created this magnificent headboard from old books!

8. Book wall


Not only does creating a book wall keep your books readable and store them better, but it’s also a unique decor solution for comfy spaces. Check out the wall on Quinn Cooper Style.

9. Secret book drawer


Turn some books you don’t read anymore into a secret drawer within your book shelf and surround it by books you do still use. Bright Nest‘s idea gives you decor and and storage solution.

10. Pop art


CollageOrama turned a page from a big, old encyclopedia into a framed painting!

11. Bed frame

book- bedframe

Big old book and textbooks piled together to form a platform and glued to stay solid make a gorgeous bed frame for a crafty book worm, just like this one on Shoot Factory.

12. Rustic planter


Your small succulents will look absolutely beautiful thriving from inside an old copy of your favourite childhood story. Apartment Therapy shows you how it’s done.

13. Fanned wall art


Follow Book Art‘s lead by collecting books in similar sizes, removing the covers, and fanning them out to create a beautiful wall image.

14. Table runner


Style Me Pretty‘s DIY table runner made entirely form book pages adds a personal touch to any occasion for the avid reader.

15. Book cover clutch


Brit + Co shows you how to make your very own clutch purse from the front and back covers of your favourite novel.

Have you upcycled your old books in other ways? Tell us how you did it in the comments!

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