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Four-Legged Best Friends and Their Owners Too Are Gonna Love These 25 Dog DIYs

Maltipoos, Goldendoodles, Australian Shepherds and more we love our furry sidekicks and we love spoiling them! Learn how to make some accessories, goodies and some other adorable items for the pet-lover in your life. Four-legged best friends and their owners too are going to love these 25 dog DIYs and you’re going to love making them!

1. Dog Bed


Check out this $12 pallet bed from Shanty 2 Chic! Adorn it with a pillow or blanket of your (or your dog’s) choice and give your little guy or gal something to snuggle up to every evening.

Dog Toy

DIY Dog Toy

If you know how to knit, you may want to head on over to Kris Knits to learn how to make one of these plush dog bones! Your pup will have a great time ripping it apart!

Dog Treats

DIy Dog Treats

If you want to try your hand at making some easy dog treats on your own, then this recipe (which is only two ingredients) from Dog Milk are the perfect way to experiment!

No-Sew Collars


Pretty Fluffy shows us how to make our pup a bit more fashion-forward with some no-sew collars! Check them out and learn how to make all of the different styles!

Dog Art

DIy Dog Art

Pay homage to your pup with a paw print art display. This DIY project from Chic Sprinkles will bring you two closer together and it’ll be a memory you’ll have of him/her forever.

Dog Leash Rack

DIY Leash Rack

Check out this clever leash rack from Sew Doggy Style. Paint on a silhouette of your pup as its adornment and have your own little “dog walking station” or nook in the house.

Dog Umbrella


Paper, Plate, and Plane made this super adorable and clever umbrella for dog owners all around to enjoy. This is taking the term “raining cats and dogs” to a whole new level.

Dog Puzzle


Get your puppy’s little wheels to turn with this muffin tin treat DIY puzzle. This is great for dogs that get bored easily and Yes Missy has all the details on recreating it.

Dog Topper


These are perfect gifts for dog lovers or to make for yourself to enjoy! Pretty Fluffy gives us all the know-how for creating these adorable dog wine toppers to style your favorite vinos.

Dog Pillows

Diy Dog pillow

Leigh Laurel made this charming and sweet embroidered dog pillow that’s perfect for dog owners everywhere. Learn how to make this and use it as a fun, handmade gift in the future.

Dog Coasters

DIY Dog Coasters

This dog coaster DIY from Blue I Style is the perfect way to spruce and add a bit of personality to your breakfast nook, study or even the “man” cave. Use photos of the family pets as inspiration!

Dog Mug Hug

DIY Dog Mug Hug

We are absolutely swooning over this sweet and charming mug hug from Red Heart. It’s the perfect DIY gift for friends, family or even neighbors that have pups of their own.

Dog Silhouettes

DIY Dog Wood Art

Painted Therapy made these super rad reclaimed wood silhouettes and not only are we impressed but we love the idea! And you can use your own pets as inspiration!

Dog Tire


We’re kind of swooning over this innovative dog bed idea from Practically Functional. And we love how you can easily personalize them however you may choose.

Dog Pretzels


If you hop back on over to Dog Milk you’ll be able to learn how to make some sweet potato pretzels that the dogs will absolutely go bonkers for! And they don’t have all the chemicals and “stuff” that store-bought treats usually have.

Dog Picture

DIy Modern Art

This modern dog art is framed as pretty as a picture and we’re loving it! Learn how to make this modern beauty (or one like it) for your own home over at Go Haus Go!

Dog Tote

DIY Dog Tote

Nellie Bellie will teach you how to make this adorable tote made with a no-sew ribbon silhouette! And it’s incredibly simple to make, even for the novice DIYers.

Dog Pie

DIY Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats

Whip up something extra special for the holidays or any other day with these healthy pumpkin pie dog treats from Crayons and Collars. Get busy in the kitchen for your pup this weekend!

Dog Bottle


You can even make some pretty rad dog toys right at home without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, all you really need is an empty water bottle and some inspiration from Dog Vacay.

Dog Scrapbook


Create a beautiful scrapbook for your entire family to enjoy! But this one is a bit different as it will focus on the family pet – or even a great memory that involved him or her. Thanks for the idea Dog Vacay!

Dog Towels


Check out these tea towels from Pretty Fluffy! How adorable and charming are they as an addition to your kitchen!? Grab all the details and personalize them as you like.

Dog Leash

DIY Duct Tape Leash

Learn how to make a leash out of duct tape (print, pattern or color of your choice) over at Sew Doggy Style. So if you need a new leash to add to the collection, check out this DIY!

Dog Scarf


Pretty Fluffy has so many great ideas! And this one is my personal favorite, it’s a dog scarf! You will be swooning over your pup even more so once you wrap this cutie around their necks.

Dog Tent


Over at Design Sponge you can learn how to make a dog tent! Use it to spruce up the corner of the house that the dog resides in but also make it as a special gift for your furry friend.

Dog Cookies

DIY Dog Cookies

Minnie in Manhattan shows us how to make some easy carob dog cookies to completely spoil our pups with! Just whip a batch up in the kitchen and see how excited he or she gets!

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