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25 DIY Projects Using Rope

Rope is one of those versatile materials that we often don’t think of for DIY projects. It can be used to make goods for your home, and even accessories for yourself! Keep reading to check out 25 of our very favorite rope-focused tutorials from around the world wide web.

1. Hanging Rope Planter

Hanging rope planter diy

This simple DIY planter is made out of rope and wood, and it is the perfect spot to place a pot. It is hung from the ceiling, so it makes sense for those of us without a lot of extra space. Make your way over to Love Decorations to check out the full photo tutorial.

2. Outdoor Rope Rug

Outdoor rope rug diy

This outdoor rug is made with a series of long pieces of natural colored rope which are attached together using construction adhesive which makes it extra durable. And the fringe adds some character to the sides. Head on over to Creative Homemaking to check out the tutorial.

3. Rope Wall Hangings

Macrame rope wall hangings

Wall hangings are another great way to use rope in your home. These fun wall hangings are made by creating fringe, to which colorful beads are then attached. You can customize it with any colors you like. Check out the full tutorial over at Dream Green DIY.

4. Rope Keychain

Rope keychain diy project

Upgrade your keys by attaching them to one of these super chic rope keychains. All you’ll need is some white rope and a length of brown faux leather cord to wrap around the top. Make your way over to More.com to find out all the details about this easy DIY project.

5. Rope Tote Bag

Rope tote bag sewing tutorial

This colorful tote bag is actually made out of rope as well, but this time you will use blue rope that you would find at an outdoor store such as REI or EMS. And you’ll need a sewing machine for this one as well. Head on over to Creative Homemaking to check out the tutorial.

6. Reclaimed Wood And Rope Sign

Love reclaimed wood rope sign

Here, rope has been formed into text to create a beautiful typographical sign. The rope is attached to a piece of reclaimed wood, and mounted as part of a rustic headboard of sorts. Make your way over to Funky Junk to find out all the details of this unique project.

7. Rope Statement Necklace

Rope statement necklace

Rope isn’t just for home accessories, you can make jewelry from it too! This beautiful statement necklace is made from three different rope colors and embellished with a pretty faceted bead. Make your way over to Happy Girly Crafty to check out the full tutorial.

8. Macrame Hammock Chair

Macrame hammock chair

Believe it or not, you can even make a knotted hammock chair out of rope. A macrame strip is made from rope, which is then attached to a hammock chair frame. Make your way over to Fish and Bull to find out all the details of this unique rope chair tutorial.

9. Rope Planter

Embellished rope wrapped planters

Turn white rope and colored embroidery floss into these fun planters, by wrapping rope around existing planters and hot gluing it to the surface. Add bits of embroidery floss to make some fun pops of color. Head on over to A Beautiful Mess to check out the how-to.

10. Hanging Rope Shelves

Wooden hanging rope shelves

You can even turn a few slabs of wood into hanging shelves using pieces of rope. All you’ll need is a drill to make holes in the corners of the wood through which you will thread the rope. Make your way over to Why Don’t You Make Me? to find out all the details.

11. Climbing Rope Bracelet

Climbing rope bracelet

This eye-catching bracelet is made from black and white climbing rope, which is cleverly looped around and then wrapped with thin cord and finished with a pretty gold tube bead. Make your way over to For The Makers to check out the full tutorial and additional photos.

12. Nautical Tote Bag

Nautical rope eyelet tote

This tote is made from an existing bag, which is embellished with a rope and eyelet hardware which allows the bag to be cinched closed. Eyelet hardware is surprisingly easy to use… just make your way over to The Things She Makes to find out all the details.

13. Colorful Tassel Bangles

Tassel and rope bangles

These colorful bangles are made with rope and embroidery floss, and then embellished with lots of fun tassels which are also made of embroidery floss. Stack six or eight of them for maximum effect! Make your way over to Mark Montano’s blog to read the instructions.

14. Coiled Rope Basket

Basket coiled rope

This understated rope basket is created by coiling the rope around a bucket, and using hot glue to attach each coil to the previous one. Then remove the bucket, add leather handles, and you’re done! Head on over to Alice and Lois to check out the tutorial.

15. Splatter Painted Trivets

Splatter painted rope trivets

You can also make trivets out of rope, to protect your countertops from any damaging heat. And they are embellished with bright splotches of neon paint. Make your way over to Fish and Bull to find out how to recreate these fun splatter painted trivets.

16. Rope Napkin Rings

Napkin rings rope

This project is a quick and easy one… a set of napkin rings is made out of colorful red and white rope. You’ll use a toilet paper roll as a form to create the braids on! Make your way over to Sincerely, Sarah Anne to find out all the details of these pretty braided rope napkin rings.

17. Concrete and Rope Door Stop

Concrete rope door stops

Rope can be used to make door stops, too! Just grab some concrete, thick rope and white paint to get started on this unique door stop project. And you can customize the text to your liking. Make your way over to Homemade Makeovers to check out the full tutorial.

18. Rope Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings rope

Here’s another unique way to use rope to make fun jewelry for yourself. These chandelier earrings are made with a piece of black rope which is draped with gold chain and sparkly beads below. Head on over to My Little Secrets to find out how to make these yourself.

19. Coiled Coasters

White and neon green rope coasters

These coiled coasters are embellished with little bits of neon yellow rope, adding some bright pops of color to an otherwise very simple design. All you’ll need is some rope and hot glue. Make your way over to A Beautiful Mess to find out all the details about this project.

20. Rope Cat Scratcher

Cat scratching post rope diy

Give your fur baby a special treat, with this lovely rope cat scratcher that you can make yourself. Just grab some wood, two different rope colors and some carpet scraps to make your own version of this cat scratcher. Head on over to Dream A Little Bigger to see the instructions.

21. Woven Rope Bench

Woven rope bench makeover

This unique tutorial shows you how to create a woven rope seat for an existing bench or chair. So go grab that old furniture that you’ve been meaning to make over and buy some rope, then head over to Today’s Nest to find out all the details of this fun project.

22. Wire Wrapped Rope Bracelets

Thread wrapped rope bracelets

These colorful bracelets are made with rope as a base, which is then wrapped with thread in a variety of different colors. Then silver and gold wire is wrapped around that for a bit of metallic shine. Head on over to Why Don’t You Make Me to check out the tutorial.

23. Knotted Rope Garland

Garland knotted rope easy

You can even turn rope into a pretty garland for your wall! This is an incredibly simple project, but it just looks so darn cute. All you’ll need is rope in a few different colors. Head on over to the Paper ‘N Stitch blog to find out how to recreate these fun garlands yourself.

24. Rope Camera Strap

Camera strope with rope

Hold your camera in style with this fun rope camera strap for your favorite photography lover. Just grab a long piece of white or colored rope, two carabiners and a lighter to finish off the rope ends. Head on over to Brainmade to find out all the details of this project.

25. Rope and Malachite Necklace

Necklace rope malachite

And last but certainly not least, check out this gorgeous statement necklace that is made by attaching beads to rope. Just buy a needle and thread and some pretty beads to get started. Head on over to For The Makers to check out the full tutorial for this gorgeous necklace.

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