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25 DIY Projects Using Marble

Marble is hot right now… it’s popping up all over web, and not just on counters and backsplashes. It is being used in various forms for all kinds of home decor DIYs (and sometimes even personal accessories!). Read on to check out 25 of our favorite marble DIY projects for your home and yourself!

1. Marble Hexagon Jewelry Hanger

3 marble jewelry hanger

Display your prettiest jewelry right on the wall, instead of hiding it away inside of a jewelry box. This chic jewelry hanger is made out of a slab of wood, some hooks and a few hexagon-shaped marble tiles. Make your way over to The Blondielocks to find out exactly how to make one of these beauties yourself.

2. Marble and Gold Tray

2 marble gold tray diy

This lovely tray is actually made out of wood, and covered with marble-look adhesive contact paper. This is a common trend these days, you’ll see more of it throughout this roundup. It looks like the real thing, doesn’t it? Head over to Twinspiration to find out how to make one of these gorgeous marble trays.

3. Marble Candle Holders

4 marble copper candle holders

Dress up your table with a set of these elegant marble and copper candle holders. Just grab a few marble tiles, some copper tube caps (which can be found in the plumbing aisle) and some long tapered candles. Head over to Transient Expression to find out how to recreate these beautiful candle holders.

4. Marble Mini Journals

5 marble mini journals

These miniature journals would be perfect for jotting down notes at a meeting, for creating lists or even to bring on your next travel adventure. The “marble” cover forms a handy little pocket for storing writing utensils or papers. Check out the full tutorial over at Maritza Lisa.

5. Marble Monogram

1 faux marble monogram