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25 DIY Projects Using Marble

Marble is hot right now… it’s popping up all over web, and not just on counters and backsplashes. It is being used in various forms for all kinds of home decor DIYs (and sometimes even personal accessories!). Read on to check out 25 of our favorite marble DIY projects for your home and yourself!

1. Marble Hexagon Jewelry Hanger

3 marble jewelry hanger

Display your prettiest jewelry right on the wall, instead of hiding it away inside of a jewelry box. This chic jewelry hanger is made out of a slab of wood, some hooks and a few hexagon-shaped marble tiles. Make your way over to The Blondielocks to find out exactly how to make one of these beauties yourself.

2. Marble and Gold Tray

2 marble gold tray diy

This lovely tray is actually made out of wood, and covered with marble-look adhesive contact paper. This is a common trend these days, you’ll see more of it throughout this roundup. It looks like the real thing, doesn’t it? Head over to Twinspiration to find out how to make one of these gorgeous marble trays.

3. Marble Candle Holders

4 marble copper candle holders

Dress up your table with a set of these elegant marble and copper candle holders. Just grab a few marble tiles, some copper tube caps (which can be found in the plumbing aisle) and some long tapered candles. Head over to Transient Expression to find out how to recreate these beautiful candle holders.

4. Marble Mini Journals

5 marble mini journals

These miniature journals would be perfect for jotting down notes at a meeting, for creating lists or even to bring on your next travel adventure. The “marble” cover forms a handy little pocket for storing writing utensils or papers. Check out the full tutorial over at Maritza Lisa.

5. Marble Monogram

1 faux marble monogram

Display your initials in style with this super fun DIY marble monogram with dramatic black edging. The material used here is again, you guessed it, contact paper! Make your way over to Desert Domicile to find out exactly how to make one of these lovely monograms for yourself.

6. Marble Hanging Shelf

8 marble and wood tray

This clever little tutorial is so easy it barely even needs any instructions – the real genius is in the idea. All you’ll need for this one is a marble tile, some white leather cord and a pair of scissors. Head over to A Bubbly Life to find out more about this insanely easy and super chic project.

7. Marble and Copper Phone Case

6 diy marble phone case

Here’s another easy one… the key for this project is to find the right materials. You’ll need some more of that versatile marble contact paper, along with some copper tape. Find out where to buy these things along with the tutorial over at Twinspiration. And do feel free to experiment with the design!

8. Marble and Gold Place Cards

10 marble place cards

Okay, so maybe these aren’t real gold letters… but they sure look it, don’t they? These adorable little place cards are incredibly easy to make, with just a set of small hexagonal tiles and some adhesive gold letters. Check out the full tutorial over at Sugar & Cloth. She claims they take five minutes to make!

9. Marble Hexagon Boxes

9 marble hexagon box tutorial

These marble-look boxes are perfect for storing office supplies, crafting materials or just general knick knacks. And their hexagonal shape gives them a super stylish vibe. Make your way over to Operation Overhaul to check out the full photo tutorial along with lots of helpful images.

10. West Elm Inspired Marble Blocks

7 marble and wood blocks toys

These incredibly elegant kids’ toys are made simply with marble contact paper and wooden cubes, creating uber-stylish blocks for your uber-stylish son or daughter to play with. Head on over to Kristi Murphy’s blog to find out how to make them and where to buy the materials.

11. Easy Modern Marble Tray

11 marble tray

Here’s another super simple project using a marble tile. This time, it has a sleek, modern feel with a set of slim stainless steel drawer pulls that act as handles. And best of all… this tray won’t take you more than 15 minutes to make! Make your way over to The Happy Tulip to find out how to do it.

12. Marble Clock

13 marble clock

This wall clock feels oh-so-modern with its plain marble face and lack of numbers. Here again, you’ll use self-adhesive marble contact paper and a piece of wood. The clock movement kit can be bought at your local craft store. Head over to Twine and Table to check out the simple instructions.

13. Marble and Copper Table

12 marble table copper pipes

This stunning accent table is made with a large marble tile from your local home improvement store, along with a series of copper pipes that are assembled to create legs. Head over to A Joyful Riot to see all the measurements and instructions. And you could change the leg height according to your needs.

14. Marble and Wood Serving Tray

15 diy marble wood serving platter almost makes perfect

This piece combines two different materials in a unique way to create a gorgeous serving tray that your guests are sure to be impressed with. And because the wood is finished with food safe mineral oil, you can use it to serve pretty little appetizers to your guests. Check out the full tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect. 

15. End Table IKEA Hack

14 marble top end table malm hack

If you have an old IKEA Malm end table (or something similar), this hack might be the perfect way to refresh your piece and make it look like new. Make your way over to The Blondielocks to find out how to transform your old nightstand into something new and super stylish.

16. Marble Tile Cake Stand

19 diy hexagon marble cake stand

This versatile piece can be used for serving cake, of course, but it would also be perfect for a cheese spread (as shown above), cookies, etc. Here you’ll you a large hexagonal marble tile for the top, and a chunky pillar candle holder for the base. Head over to Shelterness to check out the tutorial.

17. Marble Succulent Planter

18 faux marble succulent planter

This contemporary rectangular planter will add a hint of sophistication to any home, not to mention some lovely greenery. This one uses marble foil that is then glued onto the surface of an existing planter. So easy! Make your way over to Pretty Nice to find out how to do it yourself.

18. DIY Marble Coasters

16 marble hexagon coasters

Here’s another easy project. Are you noticing a trend here? This one involves smaller hexagonal tiles and some felt to make sure they don’t damage the surface they’re sitting on. Head over to the Lime and Mortar blog to find out all the details of this awesome marble coaster project.

19. Marble Laptop Skin

20 diy marble laptop cover

If your laptop has seen better days, dress it up in a new outfit! This faux marble skin can be made using self-adhesive contact paper and some careful x-acto knife skills. Make your way over to Shelterness to get all the instructions for this surprisingly simple DIY project.

20. Marble Table IKEA Hack

19 diy marble contact paper table

This IKEA Vittsjo desk is rather affordable, and here it has been customized with marble contact paper to create a unique, more memorable finish. Again, this is an incredibly simple project. Make your way over to Syl and Sam to find out how to execute this easy IKEA hack.

21. Just Add Marble

23 add marble ikea hack

While this may not be a DIY tutorial, it is a wonderful IKEA hack that will elevate almost any piece of IKEA furniture. Simply add a slab of marble to the top of your piece, and nobody will ever know where you bought it. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?! Head over here to read more about this hack.

22. DIY Faux Marble Frame

24 marble frame diy

Dress up a worn old frame by using – you guessed it – adhesive marble contact paper! This looks particularly lovely on a framed black and white photo as shown above. Make your way over to Plateful of Love to find out more about this simple yet genius faux marble DIY project.

23. Marble Tablet Cover

25 diy kindle tablet cover marble

Here we have a fun and super easy DIY to dress up your tablet or Kindle case. All you’ll need is an existing case (a solid color works best), a piece of marble contact paper and a pair of scissors. Head over to the Sugar & Cloth blog to see more photos and to the check out the tutorial.

24. Paint Your Own Faux Marble

21 how to paint faux marble

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint your own faux marble! The key is to create the correct gray brushstrokes and then to top them with clear, shiny resin. Make your way over to Little Green Notebook where she’ll show you exactly how to do the surprisingly easy process, from start to finish.

25. Marble Lamp Base

22 faux marble lamp base

Last but not least, this tutorial shows you how to add marble contact paper to the base of a lamp to create a super chic statement piece for your home. This one works best on a lamp with a pretty glass base. Head over to Homey Oh My! to find out exactly how to recreate this stunning look.

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