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DIY Bangle from Upcylced Plastic Bottles

If there’s something in this world that we’re not missing is definitely plastic bottles; in all sizes, with different kind of beverages, many also – sadly – found at the farthest edges of this wonderful planet earth polluting uncontaminated islands. If recycling is absolutely the number one solution, upcycling can be considered a valid and fun alternative for us common people. That’s why I decided to give this tutorial a try: I’m not usually big fan of plastic made jewelry – mostly because of their nineties look – but if it’s upcycled and handmade, well, I might give it a second chance, don’t you agree?

DIY bangs from plastic bottles set 4

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own plastic bangles, which can be then personalized to your taste. Depending on the size of your wrist, you can choose to use bigger or smaller plastic bottles, but keep in mind that these bangles have to be able to enter your wrist without any kind of opening. You can have fun and make thicker or thinner bracelets, and the more you make the better you’ll master the technique! Guaranteed!Let’s dig it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • plastic bottle
  • scissors
  • knife with a nice hacksaw blade
  • iron
  • sanding paper, thick grain
  • nail polish or acrylic paint and brush or spray paint

DIY bangs from plastic bottle supplies

Start by cutting a small slice from the bottle. Since the bottle I found had rings, I used exactly the plastic between two of these. Remember to choose portions that are constant in diameter, which means the circle shouldn’t shrink or expand within the chosen part.

DIY bangs from plastic bottles slice

Sand slightly the pointy edges, if any. Sanding won’t soften bigger points and these will go directly to your wrist, so cut them out with the scissors.

DIY bangs from plastic bottles sand paper

Heat iron at maximum temperature and softly press the circle to it, while turning it around. The plastic will start to bend on itself, turning towards the inner part. Keep going until you are satisfied with the bent. Be careful with this step! Your hands are a few millimeters from the hot iron and the risk of burning yourself is high! Repeat on the other side to make it curl also.

DIY bangs from plastic bottles iron

Now have fun painting it as you would love your dream bangle to be. Since it’s transparent you might need to give it 2 or 3 layers of paint.

DIY bangs from plastic bottles paint

That’s such a fun way to upcycle plastic bottles, don’t you think? I went for rose gold and this dark emerald green. Next step is to try to add gold foil elements to the darkest nail polish I have. Have fun stacking different sized bangles and be trendy this winter with your own made jewelry!

DIY bangs from plastic bottles set 2

DIY bangs from plastic bottles set 3

DIY bangs from plastic bottles set 4

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