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20 DIY Projects For Your Grey Bedroom

Grey is still on the rise in the world of interior design. Trendy and versatile, it’s one of the best routes to take when you want a foundation that can ebb and flow with the change of personal tastes. Thankfully, you can create a bedroom full of DIY spirit that will compliment that subtle shade well – just look at what we’ve found below. Here are 20 DIY projects for your grey bedroom.

1. Blueprint Photos

Diy large print photos

A Beautiful Mess begins our journey with this chic blueprint style photo project. Grab your fav memory and then turn it into a black and white art piece for your bedroom walls. It’ll fit smoothly into a modern and neutral vision.

2. Tassel Mirror

Diy tassel mirror

We’re loving this bohemian project found at Brit + Co as well. It’s right on trend and will pop off of simple, grey walls nicely. The pairing is also great for when you need some texture in a simpler space.

3. Iridescent Mirror

Diy iridescent mirror

This iridescent mirror will do your neutral bedroom well too. A Bubbly Life will show you how to create this beauty and bring in extra light and length to your space. This is especially nice for rooms that don’t have as much square footage.

4. Embroidered Engineer Print

Diy embroidered engineer print

These black and white prints are fun and would be a great addition to a grey bedroom, of course. But the extra pop of color and embroidery really creates a nice personalized style. Check out the details of this one at Brit + Co.

5. Marble Shelving

Diy marble shelving