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Beautiful Pressed Flower Crafts

Spring time is almost here and, even though we’re still facing chilly weather, we’re already feeling the spirit in the change of the seasons. We’re ready for greenery, warm winds, and flowers everywhere! Luckily for us, flowers are an awesome tool for crafts and DIY projects, meaning we can enjoy them all spring in more ways then just cut at the stem and blooming from a vase. In fact, we love preserving their beauty so much that we usually press flowers every spring. Deciding what to do with them after, however, is the real key.

Check out these 15 awesome pressed flower crafts that will keep your DIY sessions for the whole season colourful and irresistibly pretty.

1. Pressed flower necklace pendant

Pressed flower necklace pendant

If you’ve ever worked with customizable lockets and jewelry pieces then you already know how much fun it can be to create your own pattern and design in the centre. Many people use the gems and trinkets made by the company they bought their locket from to fill the insides but we always like searching for inspiration that helps us get a little more creative. That’s why we love the way All Things With Purpose preserved a piece of dried flower petal in this little window locket; the detail you can see in petal is breathtaking. `

2. Pressed flower luminaries

Pressed flower luminaries

Luminaries have always been one of our favourite things to make. No matter what style, shape, or colour you use for yours, they always look completely gorgeous the second they’re lit up and glowing. We love the way A Practical Wedding used pressed flowers and leaves to decorate the outside of their little lamps and also cast beautifully silhouetted shadows across the whole surrounding area.

3. Pressed flower bookmarks

Pressed flower bookmarks

Do you adore the idea of crafting with pressed flowers but you’re looking for something very simple that other  people, like your kids or guests at a baby shower, can have fun helping you make? Then check out these adorable little dried flower bookmarks! Baby Centre shows you how they’re made using decoupage techniques.

4. Pressed flower coasters

Pressed flower coasters

Are you the kind of home person who loves to completely roll over all of your accessorized decor seasonally? Then there are plenty of awesome ways for you to incorporate dried flowers into your home’s scheme. We think these DIY dried flower coasts, sandwiched between two clear panes, are completely adorable! Check them out in more detail on Brit + Co..

5. Pressed flower phone case

Pressed flower phone case

Did you like the dried flower decoupage idea we talked about above but you’d rather making something more long lasting than a bookmark so you can keep enjoying the flowers for months to come? Then we think you’ll enjoy this pressed flower phone case idea from Capture by Lucy! The same decoupage type techniques that you saw above are used to seal the petals down so they don’t list and get ruined as you use your phone.

6. Pressed flower Easter eggs

Pressed flower easter eggs

With springtime each year comes Easter, Easter chocolate, and a great excuse to make adorably floral springtime and Easter crafts! Easter eggs are no exception. If you’ve got your decoupage skills at the ready, it’s surprisingly easy to decorate your Easter eggs with gorgeous pressed flowers as long as the petals are small enough to fit on such a small canvas. Check the idea out in full detail on Clover Home!

7. Pressed herb candles

Pressed herb candles

Flowers with big, blooming petals aren’t the only thing you can press and preserve! We love the way Evermine pressed and dried pretty, fragrant herbs and included them in the candle making process for a finished product that’s both gorgeous and wonderful smelling. Herb pressed candles make great gifts!

8. Pressed flower clock

Pressed flower clock

Have you ever looked at your regular old wall clock and thought about how it could use a facelift? We happen to agree; where’s the sense in wasting an opportunity for even more DIY decor that you’ve already got? Check out how simply Free People overhauled their wall clock just by taking the face off and using the same decoupage techniques that you’ve probably already mastered by now.

9. Pressed flower Mother’s Day card

Pressed flower mother's day card

We’ve been hand making our moms’ Mother’s Day cards since we were tiny children, but there are only so many hearts and flowers you can draw before your design starts to look the same year after year. This time around, why not try making Mom something totally new and different? Free People suggests pasting pressed flowers and leaves on a beautifully worn scrapbook or card stock page and encasing it in a glass photo display with a message written on the inside. It’s truly a card that will last when Mom says she’ll cherish it forever.

10. Handmade paper with pressed flowers

Handmade paper with pressed flowers

Did you know that pressed flowers can actually be used for practical things and decorative things? This tutorial from Hearth & Vine on how to make your very own paper is the perfect example of pressed flowers being put to alternative uses and turned into practical things. Making your own paper is quite a process but it’s incredibly rewarding when you’re finished!

11. Pressed flower rings

Pressed flower rings

Did you love the idea of pressed flower jewelry when we talked about it above but you’re actually now a huge fan of wearing necklaces, particularly ones with heavy pendants that swing around? Then make yourself a different piece of pressed flower jewelry instead! We love the way Garden Therapy chose to put tiny flowers, leaves, and other greenery into the face of an old ring.

12. Pressed flower sun catchers

Pressed flower sun catchers

If your kids are just as enthusiastic about making lovely DIY projects and crafts as you are then we’d be willing to be that they also love working with pressed flowers! Instead of a subtle craft, try helping them make something that will put the flowers they worked hard to press on proud display! In The Playroom shows you how to make a gorgeous sun catcher that will let the whole world see their creations.

13. Pressed flower manicure

Pressed flower manicure

Do you love the look of pressed flowers so much that you actually wish you could take them everywhere with you? Then check out this unique way of incorporating them into your look! Love Maegan teaches you how to apply tiny pressed flowers to the surfaces of your nails in much the same way as you’d decoupage them to another project. Just make sure you pick little flowers that will actually fit on your nail!

14. Pressed flower wall art

Pressed flower wall art

Have you pressed so many flowers and made so many crafts that you’re not even sure what to do with them anymore? Well, if you ask us, there’s no such thing as too many pressed flower projects, and we’re pretty sure Free People would agree with us there! Check out how they created a gorgeous wall collage using beautifully distressed paper, old pictures frames, and mini clothesline strings.

15. Pressed flower clay dishes

Pressed flower clay dishes

Perhaps in addition to learning about pressed flowers you’ve also been hoping to learn pottery and start making your own dishes? Well, everyone has to start somewhere, so try making these simple little clay plates before you get down to the real business without any practice. We simply adore the way Hearth & Vine incorporated pressed flowers right into the dishes be gently imprinting them into the clay and them painting the indentation left when they’re removed. Keeping the flowers in the clay will only work if you don’t plan to actually use them so that they need washing.

Have you created other gorgeous pressed flower crafts before that you’re very proud of but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you did them in the comments section.

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