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27 Pom-Pom Crafts For You and The Kids

Pom-pom crafts are just plain fun. Whether they’re a main ingredient to your crafty concoction or an decorative accent that’s added in the end, these fuzzy puffs are so entertaining for children to get their hands dirty with. From party decor to kids-only creativity adventures, scroll through these 27 pom-pom crafts for you and the little ones of the house to come together and have an afternoon of imaginative fun with.

1. Pom-Pom Box

pompom box craft

Oh Dear Drea made this absolutely trinket box and covered in with charming pom-poms! Colorful and fun, you can personalize this type of project to your liking and really make it something special.

2. Pom-Pom Garland

pom pom garland

Check out Jader Bomb to see how to make this charming garland for your next festive party or hosting gig. It’s great for kid occasions or birthday parties that need a little extra pop.

3. Pom-Pom Gumball Game

Gumball Pom Pom Color Game

Help your kids start learning their colors with this fun, interactive game and craft from Repeat Crafter Me. The little ones will have to match their pom-poms to the coordinating gumball on the sheet!

4. Pom-Pom Cake Topper

pom pom cake topper

Momtastic using pom-poms in a way that’s completely unexpected but absolutely charming. These are great for decorating everyday baked good with a personal punch or for a celebration.

5. Pom-Pom Balloon

pom pom balloon craft

Here’s another adorable way to decorate party with sweet festivity. Grab a giant balloon and attached some sparkling pom-poms right onto them. Grab the details at Design Improvised.

6. Pom-Pom Rainbow


Whether it’s in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day or you’re teaching the little ones all about rainbows and the colors they hold, your little ones will really enjoy partaking in this craft from Crafty Morning.

7. Pom-Pom Monogram

monogram pom pom

Design Improvised can also make a monogram out of pom-poms that is just too fun! For kids’ play rooms, nurseries or for your very own home office, have fun creating color schemes and the like.

8. Peg Dolls

pom pom-peg-dolls

Molly Moo made peg dolls and then grabbed some pom-poms to use as their hair! Are you not completely in love with these cuties? And the kids will absolutely love creating their very own designs.

9. Pom-Pom Rug


You can even make a rug out of colorful pom-poms! Check out all of the details and know-how over at hello, Wonderful. And use it in the kitchen nook or even in your daughter’s dorm room as she heads off to college!

10. Pom-Pom Ornament


Come holiday season, grab the kids and start making these fun ornaments! You’ll need to help with the little ones with some of the details, of course. Just hope on over to northstory and grab the details.

11. Pom-Pom Spiders

pom pom spiders

Happy Hooligans gives us another great way to get the kids involved and get creative. Use pom-poms to create some fluffy spiders as you make up stories to go along with the characters.

12. Pom-Pom Butterfly

pom pom butterfly

Check out this toilet paper roll butterfly that’s decorated with the help of pom-poms! Health Mama Info gives us this easy idea and it’s truly a great way to have the kids start getting creative and using their imaginations.

13. Pom-Pom Coasters

pom pom coasters

Made with wool pom-poms these coasters from Inspired by Charm are so charming! And they would be a great DIY gift for family, friends or other loved ones in your life!

14. Pom-Pom Tutu


Mood Kids made this adorable tutu skirt for kids and we are absolutely swooning over it. And we love how creative this is in terms of utilizing an age-old, favorite crafting must-have!

15. Pom-Pom Cover Up

Pom Pom Cover Up

How can you not love this cover up found over at Merrick’s Art. You can get the pattern and the tutorial just by following the link but what’s so special about this piece is this too utilizes pom-poms in a genius way!

16. Pom-Pom Necklace

pom pom necklace

If you have some felt pom-pom balls lying around, you may want to check out The Polka Dot Chair and find out how to make this adorable necklace for yourself or maybe even your best gal pal!

17. Pom-Pom Clutch

pom pom clutch

Flamingo Toes shows us how to decorate a clutch using these family-friendly pieces too! And yes, the kids can help you pock out fabrics and design the layout! You can even make one for your little girl.

18. Pom-Pom Shorts

pom pom shorts

Merck’s Art gives us another super cute, fashionable way to use those pom-poms in your craft room. Line your shorts and creagd

19. Pom-Pom Pillow

pom pom pillow

Okay so, are you looking for a way to spruce up the bedroom or the living room? Throw pillows always work and this DIY can really help out in a pinch. Check it out at Sew 4 Home.

20. Pom-Pom Throw

pom pom throw

Sugar and Cloth made this gorgeous, summer throw that would be a beautiful gift, a beautiful addition to your home or even a beautiful way to accent a baby-on-the-way’s nursery.

21. Pom-Pom Towel

pom pom kitchen towels

Add some fun to the kitchen by making these gorgeous pom-pom towels from Bower Power. We love seeing the festivity that something as simple as pom-poms can bring into lots of unsuspecting nooks and crannies.

22. Pom-Pom Hat

pom pom hat

Isn’t this little bucket hat just adorable for little ones? Probably Actually gives us all the details, and we think those mini pom-poms are the perfect, whimsical trim on this fun little accessory!

23. Pom-Pom Curtains

pom pom curtains

Even pom-pom trim can do the trick for big interior design projects. Just take a look at these gorgeous curtains that can be used as closet doors, window treatments or even room dividers. Visit the DIY at Fresh Coat of Paint.

24. Pom-Pom Sweater

pom pom sweater

Refinery 29 gives us an adorable DIY for dressing up an older sweater. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of youthful personality or upcycle a piece that needs a bit of sprucing.

25. Pom-Pom Pine Cone

pom pom pinecones

Check out this seasonal craft from One Little Project. The kids will love dressing up these piece for the tree or for a fun centerpiece that you decide to design together.

26. Pom-Pom Snowgies


Who loves Disney’s Frozen? Well, if you don’t, we’re nearly certain that your kids do and they’ll love making their own little snowgies right at home by using some white pom-poms like One Creative Mommy did.

27. Pom-Pom Scarf

pom pom scarf

Here’s another fashion-forward idea in the DIY department. Grab some pom-poms and use them to line a scarf you’re creating. Check out this tutorial over at Purl Soho.

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