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Colorblocked Sideways French Manicure

Hey there beauty enthusiasts! Try this basic sideways French manicure if you want to add a little bit of color to your nails. This is great to wear to a fun party and to kick off the Spring season. Most French manicures are traditionally done with from top to bottom, but to make this a bit more edgy, try applying it sideways, for a “peek-a-boo” affect. It’s simple, modern and perfect when you’re looking to have simple colorful nails.

Colorblocked sideways french manicure

Colorblocked sideways french manicure pink and peach

For color inspiration, I began rummaging through some of my beauty items. I have an adorable Kate Spade iPhone case, with pink and peach stripes. I love the subtle blend of those two colors together, which I chose in this nail design. I am using the Maybelline Color Show polish in Pinkalicious 170, and NYX Girls polish in Coralina 249.

Colorblocked sideways french manicure materials

You can create this look using tape as you would with a regular french manicure; or if you have a steady hand, start by applying the pink color on the outer part of the nail, and then add the peach color to the rest of the nail. Make sure you slightly overlap the peach color on the pink to create a clean line. I found that doing it this way was much faster than applying the first color, waiting for it to dry, taping it off and then applying the second color. But you really do need a steady hand to create a clean, straight line.

Colorblocked sideways french manicure tape

These colors are so vibrant and summery that I’ll most likely end up polishing my nails this way much more often. Next time I may use even more neon colors. I really like the Maybelline Color Show polish; unfortunately I had to apply multiple coats (like 5) of the NYX polish just to get it ultra smooth and vibrant. It’s unfortunate because I really do like the color and it was pretty inexpensive, but I want my polish to last long. Brushing multiple times to saturate the color wastes a lot of polish. A good equivalent would be Essie Serial Shopper or Tart Deco.

Colorblocked sideways french manicure purse

Wear this nail polish design on a fun day out or a girl’s party. It’s a great design for preteens who are just beginning to experiment with makeup and nail polishes. It only takes a few minutes and it’s simple enough to DIY.

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