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DIY Piggy Banks That Will Help You Save

Pennies aren’t worth much on their own, but if you get enough of them together, they add up quickly! Collecting your change in one place can encourage you to save money. If you don’t count your total for a while, it can even be a nice surprise to see how much you have! Check out these DIY piggy banks that are so you cute you won’t be able to resist putting your change in them!

Bleach bottle piggy


Make sure you clean the bottle very well first! The shape of a Clorox or bleach bottle makes the perfect piggy face. Inspired Muse shows you how to make it!

Cereal box bank


Kix shows you how to upcycle an empty cereal box into any creative piggy bank you please!

Starbucks piggy bank


Karina Garcia has the best idea for coffee lovers! Save up your latte fund in this Starbucks themed piggy bank.

Plush piggy bank


This piggy bank is fuzzy just like the real thing! Sad to Happy Projects shows you how to piece it together.

Perler bead bank


Did you ever make fun shapes with perler beads as a kid? Take perlers to the next level with a 3D project to keep your coins in, just like Legend SK!

Picture frame bank


Jessica Jung made a picture frame bank for a trip to Las Vegas, but you could decorate yours for anything!

Mason jar piggy


It might not be your classic piggy bank, but it’s made of glass like the real thing! Hative shows yo how it’s done.

Painted ceramic piggy


Pick up a ceramic bank at a craft store and customize if yourself! Paint it and seal it like For Posh Sake did.

Wooden piggy


Create an adorable wooden piggy bank with a removable end like Duitang did! It’s rustic but cute.

Double saving bank


Craziest Gadgets shows you how to make a bank that lets you save for two things at once!

Mason jar superheroes


Grab a mason jar, paint it to look like your favourite hero, and carefully cut a slit in the lid. Check out how Fireflies and Mud Pies did it!

Pop bottle piggy


Using a clear pop bottle made to look like a pig is cheerful, but it also lets you see how much you’ve saved so far! Check out how Martha Stewart made this one.

Laundry bottle piggy


Some laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles, like the one DaWanda used, are already pink! Cut a hole in the top, give them some piggy features, and voila!

Playful turtle bank


A sheet of foam, the bottom of a pop bottle, some coloured string, and a marker to add features are all you need to make an adorable sea turtle that guards your coins. Check out how Krokotak did it!

Secret travel fund


Rad Megan shows you how to turn the globe that you’ve marked all your dream destinations on into a secret piggy bank for your travel fund!

Have you created another DIY piggy bank that you just can’t wait to show off? Link us to a picture in the comments!

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