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25 DIY Metallic Accessories To Dress Up Your Outfit

There’s nothing that’s more classic than metallic accessories – jewelry, bags and even hats can be easy to make with the proper instructions. So we’ve rounded up 25 of our very favorite gold, silver, copper and brass wearable DIY projects to help you step up your accessories game. Read on to check them out.

1. DIY Initial Necklace

1 polymer clay initials necklace

This gold initial necklace is surprisingly easy to make… all you’ll need is some clay, paint and gold chain to create one of these gorgeous stunners. And you can even do two initials, one for your first name and one for your last! Head over to Pearls and Scissors to find out how to do it.

2. Chunky Chain and Leather Bracelet

2 chunky leather gold chain bracelet

The key to this elegant bracelet is the combination of a chunky gold chain along with white and black Stingray leather cord. Once you have collected all of the materials, the rest of the process is really quite easy. Make your way over to the Minted Strawberry blog to find out all the details.

3. Silver and Gold Layering Necklaces

4 gold silver layering tube necklaces

This might be one of the simplest projects of the bunch… the key here again is just finding the correct materials. Fine chain in your desired metal, along with curved tube hardware are pretty much all you’ll need. Head over to One Artsy Mama to find out where to source your materials and how to assemble everything.

4. Gold Braided Ring

3 braided gold ring

This gold ring has a bit of a Grecian feel thanks to the stacked braids, while the metallic finish gives it a stylish flair. And the coolest part? There is elastic on the other side, so it will stay secure on your finger. Make your way over to Erin With a Y to find out exactly how to recreate this lovely piece.

5. Crossover Hoop Earrings

5 gold earrings

These crossover hoop earrings are insanely easy to make – they will probably take you all of five minutes to make. Which means that you can make a pair in every type of metal available! All you’ll need is some tarnish-resistant brass jewelry wire and a pair of wire cutters. Get all the information you need right here.

6. Silver Envelope Clutch

10 silver envelope clutch diy

This chic silver envelope clutch will add instant style to any outfit, and it’s super simple to make! Just grab some faux leather, a piece of velcro and a few other common sewing supplies. Make your way over to I Love DIY to find out how to make one yourself. Use Google Translate if you don’t speak French!

7. Copper Pipe Necklace

8 copper pipe necklace

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of projects… all you’ll need for this one is a piece of cord, a pretty clasp and a few small copper pipe sections. Head over to Adventures in Fashion to find out all the details. You’ll want to make one in every color, they’re so easy to assemble!

8. Jumpring Earrings

7 silver jump ring earrings

These stunningly intricate chandelier earrings are made out of a surprising material, something that is usually used to connect pieces rather than as the focal point – jumprings! Check out the full tutorial with lots of photos and helpful descriptions over at Sarah Johnson’s blog. 

9. Gold Foil Infinity Scarf

9 gold foil infinity scarf

This is a unique project that uses gold foil which is usually reserved for non-fabric applications. But the combination of flowy white fabric with organically-shaped gold brushstrokes makes for a beautiful accessory. Make your way over to A Joyful Riot to check out the full photo tutorial.

10. Stamped Copper Bangles

6 copper wire stamped bangles

Dress up your wrists with a set of these gorgeous stamped copper bangles. They would be pretty enough on their own, but in addition, they have fun little words and sayings stamped onto them. Find out exactly how to make your own set of stamped copper bangles over at I Can Make Metal Stamped Jewelry.

11. Spiked Hair Ties

11 spike hair ties

These spiked hair ties might win the prize for most unique accessory. They certainly will leave an impression, falling somewhere between glam and goth… but they aren’t difficult to make. Just grab some metal spike beads, some jumprings and a hair tie and you’ll be ready to go. Get the details here.

12. Tube Bead Pendant Necklace

14 brass tube pendant necklace

This unique necklace is sure to garner compliments on your next night out, thanks to its interesting layered tubing and mixed metal appeal. And best of all, you may already have some of the common materials on hand if you’ve made jewelry before. Head over to Makery to check out the simple tutorial.

13. Pearl Cluster Bracelet

13 metallic pearl cluster bracelet

If ever there were to be a statement bracelet, this would be it. Made with lots of pearls with mostly metallic finishes of gold and silver, this piece will dress up any outfit that needs a boost. Make your way over to Twinkle and Twine to find out how to make one yourself and to check out some more photos.

14. Copper Bar Ring

15 copper bar ring

Talk about unique – this copper bar ring is one of those conversation starters that will certainly make you stand out in the crowd. And upon closer inspection, it’s actually made of a series of small fleur de lis shapes. So fun, right?! Head over to Hands Occupied to find out exactly how to make one of these stunners.

15. Gold Studded Hat

12 metallic hat refashion

This one is clever because you can utilize an old hat that you don’t wear anymore, instead of going out and buying a new one. Just grab a bunch of gold studs and some foam to get started! Make your way over to Plan B to find out how to do it (and don’t forget to check out the cute detail on the back!).

16. No-Sew Envelope Clutch

16 gold no sew clutch diy

This shiny faux leather clutch is super easy to make, believe it or not – and it doesn’t even require any sewing! The key to this one is ribbon, which is threaded through a series of slits that will keep the bag together. Head over to Earnest Home Co. to check out the full tutorial along with some helpful photos.

17. Chain Hair Comb

18 silver chain barrette

If you have thick hair and like to wear hair combs, then this is the project for you. In addition to a chunky silver chain, blue thread is wound around the comb to add an extra pop of color. Make your way over to Transient Expression to find out exactly how to make this pretty alternative to the classic hair comb.

18. Studded Hair Pins

19 gold studded hair pins

Here’s another project that uses gold studs, further showing their amazing versatility! Here you’ll use bobby pins as the base for your accessory, and a piece of felt with studs attached to form the decorative element. Head over to Minted Strawberry to find out how to make your own set of studded pins.

19. Gold Polka Dotted Coin Purse

17 coin purse gold

This adorable little purse is perfectly suited to hold all of that spare change that you probably have lying in the bottom of your bag. And before you get nervous about the difficulty level, check out the tutorial over at Red Brolly….  it’s not all that hard. Just download the instructions right here.

20. Gold Flower Hair Pin

20 gold hairpin

If you’re using bobby pins in your hair already, you might consider transforming a few into these pretty floral versions to dress up your ‘do a bit. The main supplies you’ll need for this one are Mod Podge and gold leaf. Head over to The DIY Diary to find out exactly how to make these gorgeous pins.

21. Stacked Gold and Suede Cuff

22 gold wide cuff bracelet

Okay, so maybe this one is more suede than metallic… but I had to include it because of its cleverness. It is made from four bangles, which are stacked and connected using suede cord. Genius! Head over to Panda Hall Learning Center to find out how to make one of these beauties for yourself.

22. Gold and White Statement Necklace

23 DIY Geometric Brass Necklace Project

This stunning statement necklace has an architectural feel, with its combination of rounded white clay shapes with angular brass tubing. And it can be customized to your liking! Make your way over to our very own Marwa Hayat’s post to find out how to create a gorgeous statement necklace of your own.

23. Gold Clutch

25 gold clutch purse diy

If you’re looking for a metallic finishing touch to your outfit, this may be the project for you. This eye-catching gold clutch is made of shiny faux leather fabric, and doesn’t require any sewing. Just gluing! Make your way over to Well Made Heart to check out the full tutorial and more photos.

24. Copper Pendant Necklace

24 diy layered copper pipe pendant necklace-3

This pretty copper necklace sets itself apart from the crowd with a pop of purple (or any other color you may like). And the purple cord is what keeps the copper tubes together, too. Make your way over to Revamperate to find out how to make this gorgeous layered copper pendant necklace.

25. The Beatrix Necklace

21 diy statement necklace

This stunner requires a few more materials than some of the previous projects, but I think it’s worth it… don’t you? You’ll need some gemstones and vintage brass plates, among other things, to create this one-of-a-kind statement piece. Get all of the details over at For The Makers.

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