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DIY Passport Cases That Will Keep Your Documents Safe

Putting your passport in a case or a cover isn’t required when you’re on the go, but any experienced traveler will tell you that it’s definitely a good idea. Take a look at some of your friends bent, worn out passports to see why! You can buy covers and cases at the store, but guess what’s more fun than buying a pre-made one? Making it yourself, of course!

Check out these 15 awesome DIY passport cover designs that are easy to make, protective, and completely adorable.

1. Faux leather cover with embroidered flowers

Faux leather cover with embroidered flowers

Craft Hubs shows you how to sew a little faux leather booklet that your passport slides right into. To make it pretty, use embroidered flower patches! You could also embroider your own if you’re very crafty and experienced with a needle and thread.

2. Cover with gold writing

Cover with gold writing

The Sorry Girls show you how to make this simple slip cover with an adorable metallic quote on the front! You don’t have to do the same one as the picture, but something travel related will sure look cute. We love the unfinished chic edges, as though you were raring to get on the road instead of folding seams!

3. Stamped leather cover

Stamped leather cover

A Beautiful Mess shows you how to use a special tool to stamp leather! We love the detail in this design, and also the images and letters the tutorial teaches you to stencil onto the front.

4. Leather cover with chunky stitches

Leather cover with chunky stitches

Lisa Nagel reminds you how fun a bit of shabby chic can look! Instead of choosing a thread that perfectly matches your leather or a thin floss that looks discreet, choose something thick in a contrasting colour. Chunky stitching gives you a stylishly handmade finish.