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Celebrate In Style With These 50 DIY 30th Birthday Ideas!

When the big one hits, you’ll want to celebrate and forget that you 20’s are a thing of the past. From drinks to decor, celebrate in style with these 50 DIY 30th birthday ideas! Theme your event and have a ball ringing in a new decade of adventures and experiences.

1. The End of the Roaring 20’s

Roaring 20's birthday party

Catch My Party showed us how a “Roaring 20’s” themed birthday can be the most clever for when you turn 30. Saying goodbye and all.

2. 30 Sucks

30 sucks lollipops

Pass out “30 sucks” lollipops at the party too! It’s quite the witty, clever addition that everyone will get a laugh at. And easy to DIY! (via)

3. Casette Tapes

Mixed tape birthday party

HWM showed off a charming, cassette-inspired 30th birthday party we’re loving too. Show off your love for the 80’s.

4. Bar Signs

Bar sign birthday parties

You’ve gotta have a few cute signs around, for the bar and the dessert table too. Check out this beauty over at A Blissful Nest.

5. Golden Accents

Golden accented 30th birthday

Cue the Confetti gave some great ideas for a sparkling, golden-infused 30th birthday party! From the tables to the ceiling, everything was a bit gilded.

6. Matchstick Candles

Matchstick candles

Instad of 30 candles, why not make it with matches? Check out this unique idea over at A Subtle Revelry.

7. 29-ish Tote

Funny 30th birthday tote bag

We’re loving this fun inspiration from Cafe Press. You can easily DIY something similar at home or use it as a gift for a friend!

8. Message Wall

Gold pen guestbook wall

Here’s a fun idea we found at HWM. Create a message wall where all the family and friends of the birthday girl/guy can write a celebratory note on!

9. Dirty 30

Dirty 30 birthday party

Of course a “dirty 30” birthday party could be fun. Check out all the details behind this one over at Occasions by Amy.

10. Kate Spade

Kate spade inspired 30 birthday party

Pretty My Party showed off a stunning Kate Spade-inspired extravaganza too. We can’t help but swoon over this one!

11. Movie Night

Movie night birthday aprty

A simple movie night, including beer and all things sweet is just another great way to celebrate ringing in the big 3-0. Check out the details on this one at Kara’s Party Ideas.

12. A Program

30th birthday itinerary 1

Add a program to the day’s events. Brit + Co showed off some majorly fun idea for this pool party-themed 30th!

13. Champs Garland

Champs bar 4

Brit + Co also featured these cool balloon decorations. Create fun slogans and clever phrases with letter balloons that are easily personalizable.

14. Confetti Poppers

Confetti tube poppers diy clear tube candy

You’re never too old to add glitter and sparkles to the event. Check out these DIY poppers over at Bird’s Party.

15. Dunked Cups

Diy glitter dipped cups hero

Here’s another fun way to add a bit of sparkle to the vent. Dunk those cocktail cups and add some hand touched style to the day. (via)

16. Drink Stirrers

Pop fizz clink glitter stir sticks

Vicky B. TV shows us how to DIY some celebratory drink stirrers. This is a major event and it should feel like it!

17. Emoji Balloons

Diy emoji balloons

Of course you could decorate the party with emoji balloons too. Grab all the details over at Studio DIY.

18. Beer Tasting

Beer tasting 30th birthday

HWM showed off this beer tasting 30th birthday party and we had to feature it too. It’s sophisticated but full of adult-like fun!

19. Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody mary bar

Do something a b it outside-the-box for the party gal or guy. A bloody Mary bar is fun for everyone to participate in! (via)

20. Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet burger bar party

But so are burger bars. Check out all the details behind these gourmet treats at Card Store.

21. Food Truck Catering

Food truck catering for a party

The TomKat Studio showed off how fun it is to have you event catered by a food truck. Your 30th birthday could easily be fed by your favorite quick treat!

22. Lost Count Topper

Lost count cake topper

For a clever and witty way to top the cake, check out this DIY topper from A Subtle Revelry. Everyone will get a giggle out of this one.

23. Gold-Brushed Balloons

Gold brushed balloons diy

You’ve got to have balloons at the party! But it’s all in the styling. You can add a bit of gold-brush accents all in an afternoon. (via)

24. Vodka Gummy Bear Popsicles

Vodka gummy bears pops

For those warmer-weathered events, make up some vodka-infused gummy bear popsicles! Grab the recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

25. Balloon Bash

Surprise 30th birthday party

Are you looking at throwing your friend a surprise party? Turn a glum 3-0 into a balloon-inspired event! (via)

26. Chocolate Beer Cupcakes

Diy beer cupcakes

All Recipes has all the details behind chocolate beer cupcakes. Since you’re out of your 20’s and officially an adult, you might as well have some adult-like treats!

27. 30 Gifts

30 gifts for turning 30

Give your friend 30 gifts for turning 30. Grab all the cleverness over at La Force Be With You.

28. Mudslide Cupcake

Mudslide cupcake recipe

Here’s another adult-like treat you could serve up for the party. Mudslide cupcakes from The Curvy Carrot are both pretty and delicious!

29. Glitter Candles

Glitter candle diy

Studio DIY has a bunch of candle ideas on their site. But we’re particularly fond of these glitter ones and how they top a cake so perfectly.

30. Sparklers

30th birthday cake

Of course, topping the cake with some sparklers could be fun too. Thanks for the inspiration PunchBowl, this is how you celebrate right!

31. Ring Toss

Glitter ring toss

Have some fun and games in the backyard for everyone to participate in. Just make sure to add some glitter like this ring toss featured on Style Me Pretty.

32. Grown-Up Pizza

16 30th birthday pizza party pool float

Brit + Co has all the best ideas for throwing an adult pizza party. From the actual pizza to the floats in the pool, no one is unhappy with a slice of the pie.

33. Carat Cocktails

Diy 24 carat champagne

Learn how to make 24 carat cocktails over at Brit + Co too. Again, turning 30 is a major celebration and we want you to feel like it from top to bottom.

34. Booze Vases

Diy booze vases

Who’s a fan of Jack Daniel’s? Take those old bottles and turn them into decor for the party! (via)

35. Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

strawberry jello shot

Buzzed gives us a great recipe for some strawberry margarita jello shots. Serve these up with a slice of birthday cake. Everyone will be happy.

36. Digital Invites

Digital party invite card

Check out Best Friends For Frosting and learn how to send snazzy, digital invites for the party. You can personalize them to your liking.

37. Just Brunch

30th birthday brunch

You could always have a 30’s-themed brunch. Instead of a nighttime party, celebrate with pancakes and pie! Grab the details of this event at The Decor Fix.

38.  Glitter Sticker Topper

Diy 30 cake topper

Catch My Party teaches us how to make a glitter sticker DIY cake topper. Use it for your 30th birthday but take the inspiration and apply it to other events as well.

39. Champagne Bottles

Diy sparkling bottles

You may want to dip your champagne bottles as well. Everything can be sparkling and full of celebration! (via)

40. Bluegrass & Bourbon

Bluegrass and bourbon party

HWM featured a fun, bluegrass and bourbon even that seemed to be fitting for a 30th celebration. Combine the birthday guy or gal’s favorite things and theme the event after it.

41. 30 Marquee

Diy 30 marquee

Make a marquee! Set it on the bar, the food table or out on the back patio for extra festive, birthday vibes. (via)

42. Gilded Piñata

Diy gilded donkey pinata

Why not have the adults gather round and strike a piñata? Learn how to make a gilded donkey over at Studio DIY.

43. Sparkling Pops

Diy glitter pops

Here’s more “30 sucks” pops that you can DIY yourself. This time they have glitter! Check it out at Pop Cosmo.

44. Glitter Ice Cubes

Diy glitter ice cubes

You can eve add glitter to the ice cubes! Check out A Subtle Revelry for all the details and infuse those 30th birthday cocktails with sparkle!

45. Confetti Balloons

Diy confetti dipped balloons

Studio DIY has another fun way to decorate your balloons for the event. Of course, it involved a bit of gold.

46. Party Picks

Diy party picks

Party picks are always a great way to jazz up the event. Stick them in the food and desserts and learn how to DIY these yourself! (via)

47. Chanel No. 30

Chanel no 30 birthday theme

Maddy Cakes Muse showed off a “Chanel No 30” birthday party that we swooned for too. It’s so clever and so much fun to plan!

48. Stout Cake

Maple stout cake recipe

Style Sweet CA made a chocolate stout cake that became our favorite pick for a 30th birthday cake flavor. Grab the recipe after the jump!

49. Balloon Chandelier

Balloon chandelier diy

Wedding Chicks shows us how to make a balloon chandler. Take 30 balloons and 30 photos from the birthday guy or gal’s life and BAM! That’s the best way to decorate for the party.

50. 30 Years of Awesome

30 years of awesome birthday party

And finally, visit Jenny Collier and grab all the details behind this “30 years of awesome” birthday theme. It’s clever and easily personalized.

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