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15 Super Fun Paper Craft Tutorials

When it comes to simple crafts made with paper, we’re just not sure we’ll ever get tired of them. Even more than that, however, we’re just not sure that our kids will ever tire of them either! That makes these easy, often quick little projects the perfect things to do when our kids are feeling squirrelly or creative and want to make something right away. In fact, our kids love paper crafting so much that we’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a list of good ideas bookmarked so we can pull a new craft out any time we please!

1. Origami mermaid

Oriami mermaid

Are your kids definitely on track to learning proper origami but right now they’re still pretty little, so you’ve been hunting for simple paper folding crafts that they can also embellished and combine a few other crafting techniques with, just for extra fun? In that case, we think you’ll get a pretty big kick out of the way Pink Stripey Socks made this awesomely decorated origami mermaid!

2. Watercolour paper napkin bouquet

Watercoloured paper napkin bouquet

Just because you want to craft with paper doesn’t mean that you have to work with actual sheets of paper alone! If you ask us, any supply made of paper will do just as well. That’s why we thought this paper napkin bouquet was so cool! Besides the cool texture and volume of the finished “flowers”, we adore how Red Tricycle very simply outlines the process for adding bright personality to them in a watercolour style.

3. Colourful paper plate dragons

Colourful paper plate dragons

Besides the fact that paper plate projects are an awesome facet of the most classic paper crafts, our household is also pretty obsessed with this tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks because our kids adore the idea of making their own dragons! In fact, they’ve followed this tutorial so many times now, decorating their dragons differently each time, that we have a whole fleet of them lined up on the window sill, ready to take colourful slight any moment.

4. Origami transformers

Origami transformers

Are your kids actually a little bit older, slightly more practiced and patient, and so into origami that they’ve been thinking about starting to venture into the world of folding projects that actually move? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way What Do We Do All Day created these “transformers” that change shape and stripes when you pull or push certain parts. It’s a great way to learn how to do origami with colour swaps and how to practice some weaving skills.

5. Modular origami bracelets

Modular origami bracelets