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15 Simple Pop Tab Projects

We talk about recycling and upcycling all the time and we’re always willing to reuse different kinds of household things in as many different creative ways as we can possibly think of. Sometimes, however, we have so much fun transforming a particular thing into something new and useful that we get a little bit hung up on that one idea for a while and find ourselves wanting to make new things out of that particular new crafting supply over and over again. That’s how we’ve felt about pop tabs lately! Besides being fun to save up and work with, we also just find the aesthetic of things made from pop tabs kind of industrial and awesome looking, so we just keep making them.

Check out these 15 totally cool pop tab crafts that you can wear, use, or simply enjoy the look of, whether you have hundreds of pop tabs to work with or maybe even just 10!

1. Pop tab bracelet with woven ribbons

Pop tab bracelet with woven ribbons

Do you have a small number of pop tabs but an edgy sense of style that you love including DIY elements into? Then this cool vertical pop tab bracelet design is definitely the one for you! We like the way Taking Off At Nine gave the edgy appearance of the metal a bit of a girly flair by weaving a bright pink ribbon through the tabs rather than a dark or black one, but you could fasten your bracelet on with any colour of ribbon you choose!

2. Wire wrapped coloured tab cuff

Wire wrapped coloured tab cuff

Perhaps you’re very into the pop tab cuff idea but you’re not really a huge fan of the ribbon element and would rather just slip the cuff on and off? In that case, All Things With Purpose has a great alternative for you! They fastened their pop tabs together with clear jewelry string (you could also use thing jewelry wire) and added colour by collecting special edition coloured tabs too, instead of just silver ones. You could always paint some of your tabs if you can’t find any that come brightly coloured already!

3. Woven pop tab purse

Woven pop tab purse

Are you a weaving craft enthusiast, like a knitter, crocheter, or embroidery lover? In that case, you already have the basic skills (and probably a lot of the supplies) it takes to create a cool little pop tab purse just like this one from Erika Creativa! We love that the “fabric” made from the tabs looks almost like chainmail, giving the purse some serious attitude.

4. Pop tab butterfly trinket

Pop tab butterfly trinket

Maybe you’re looking for a little craft or trinket that’s much simpler to do and might be easy enough for your kids to try, as well as easy and little so you can hang their work up proudly when they’re finished? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy making these cute little butterfly trinkets from Cut Out and Keep. All you need are pop tabs, thing jewelry wire, and some ribbon.